The feeling of resentment is difficult to handle, especially if you do not know the reason for why something is being held against you. Lately, I have thought about those who I have had disagreements with in the past. Lately, I have pondered the nature of someone who is not generally liked be everyone and why that is. Sure, sometimes people bring it upon themselves. I have. And not everyone is going to like you. Sometimes, though, we all just need one more chance. These are all the things that I would want someone to think first before approaching me, and these are the things that I must think about before approaching other people.

We do not know what people are going through. Allow compassion to dictate your actions.

We do not know someone's past, and even if we think we do, struggles are often concealed and internal. Love first, and save the arguments.

We have to take the time to know someone and find out why they are the way that they are. Take that time every time.

Don't base your dislike of someone off of someone else's opinion or experience. Get your own opinion.

Choose to stay neutral even when you have not liked someone for as long as you can remember. Always choose to give them the benefit of the doubt every single time.

Accept the way that someone that you don't like usually acts, but do not let that dictate your thoughts about them as a person. Again, this all goes back to how we have no idea what the internal struggles are.

Give them a chance.

Every single time.