Why "Centennials" Are At A Disadvantage

Since the dawn of time, each generation before us has claimed that "their generation was better than the next" and that "this generation will never compare" and how "they feel so very sorry for us," because well, to be honest, our lives are going to suck.

I am here to say that I am about to become one of those people. I was born in the year 1994, making me a fellow member of the 'Y' generation, or a millennial. For those of you who do not know, a "centennial" or generation 'Z' child is anyone who is considered to have been born in the year 1996 or later, and this is meant for you (or to help the millennials reminisce).

Growing up in the ending part of the '90s and early part of the '00s was by far one of the best privileges I could have been blessed with. Recently, I went out to dinner with my family and I witnessed a family of five where everyone sat on their phone, and it made me remember my childhood and growing up in my time. Children today are at a serious disadvantage and are missing out on serious '90s/'00s excitement.

Here is why the centennials are at a disadvantage.


Back in my day (like how I did that?), we did not have the easy access to the internet that we do now. We had this thing called dial up, and if you are a centennial reading this, you can hear the sound here. I remember waiting sometimes for an hour to play a game or chat with my cousin on AIM, AOL's instant messenger -- because that was the cool thing to do. Sadly, a call would come through and then the connection would be lost and you would have to restart. Thanks, Grandma.

Not only did we have dial up and not "Wi-Fi," we had the amazing Nintendo 64. This beauty was the ultimate gaming system -- if the system did not freeze on you in the middle of the game.

Technology did make advancements, however -- for the trips to school with the Tamagotchi. This handheld game clipped onto your backpack and allowed you to care for your pet on the go.

While there were more than just these awesome pieces of technology, these were the parts of technology that made the millennial generation's day! There was something so special about waiting patiently for the dial up to connect and playing Nintendo while the connection formed.

While the technology of today is fantastic and I would be lost without my Wi-Fi, I miss the simplicity of the technology of this time period. Today, everyone is constantly connected and there is no escape from the technology.


When we were not allowed to play with the technology, we would be outside, my cousins and I. We would come up with new and exciting games to keep ourselves entertained. I can recall on multiple occasions when we would all play kickball and use landmarks as the bases because, why not.

Back in my childhood, we were allowed to travel a few blocks down around the neighborhood to play with some friends in the streets because my aunt knew we would be safe.

Today, I do not see kids outside as much playing. From the kids I see, they all sit inside and play video games or watch TV. Sadly, we all know that kidnapping happens, and that causes for more time inside and less time for outside time alone with friends.


I want to clear the air now. Television now will never compare to what it was then.

"Rugrats." "Rocket Power." "The Wild Thornberrys." "Hey Arnold!" "As Told By Ginger." "CatDog." "Ed, Edd and Eddy." "Johnny Bravo." "The Powerpuff Girls." "Courage the Cowardly Dog." "Dexter's Laboratory." "Rocko's Modern Life." "Spongebob Squarepants" (oh yeah, it started then!). "Recess." "All That." "Scooby-Doo." "The Proud Family." "Pokemon" (and I mean the show, not the game).

Shows today will never hold up to these amazing shows. These shows taught you the values of family and patience, friendship and honesty. I have to say, I watch TV today and I find myself questioning what it is I am watching, and that scares me. What is it that we are teaching the younger children? Is this really what we want to feed their minds with?


If you all thought your music was good, I will tell you it's alright. However, there is one slight difference that makes the music of my childhood better than the music of your childhood. Boy bands. Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

While today, boy bands might be attempting to make a comeback, I have to tell you, they will never compare to the sheer level of fandom that these two bands had.

Not only were the boy bands the most amazing thing ever, but the songs then mattered. Each song had meaning and the lyrics represented something within the artist's life that they wanted to share. Today, I feel like every song on the radio is about drugs and having sex, and that makes me sad. Is there not more to life than a cheap high? What about your pride and dignity?

While each generation will always disagree, I have to say, the centennial generation is at a disadvantage compared to the millennial generation. The technology might be better today, but what does that matter when you trade your pride in return? Maybe it was because I was younger, but life was easier in the late '90s/ early '00s. People were not killing each other for sport and the hate within this world was not what it is now. I truly feel bad for the younger centennials. They are being born into a world of technology and hate, a world where everything is at your fingertips and you are handed everything, and for that, they are at a disadvantage.

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