Celebs Boycott Super Bowl 53

Celebs Boycott Super Bowl 53

Colin Kaepernick and his Celebrity supporters skipped the Super Bowl this year, here's why.


Millions of Americans gathered around their television on February 3rd to watch Super Bowl 53, but many of our favorite stars delineated from the status quo in political protest.

Ava DuVernay, Common, and Nick Cannon were among the huddle of celebrities who decided to boycott the Super Bowl, encouraging their fans to do the same by tweeting #ImWithKap. The now circulating hashtag was created in support of former 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Back in 2016, Kaepernick kneeled during the singing of the National Anthem at an NFL game, continuing to do so every game until he retired. Even in his absence from the field, Kaepernick's movement seems to be thriving.

DuVernay was the first to tweet about her Sunday night plans, expressing her view of the NFL's racist treatment toward Kaepernick.

Kaylen Alvarez

Friends and fans of Kaepernick believe in his protest of police brutality and they see it as an objection to the systematic oppression and racism in America. His attorney even went as far as to criticize Maroon 5 for preforming at halftime instead of taking a political stance.

Before Maroon 5, Cardi B and Rihanna were asked to perform at the Pepsi half time show, but they turned down the opportunity in support of Kaepernick. When interviewed by the Associated Press, Cardi B stood firm in her decision.

"I got to sacrifice a lot of money to perform," the singer said. "But there's a man who sacrificed his job for us, so we got to stand behind him."

Many more actors and athletes vocalized their support of Colin Kaepernick, keeping the conversation alive. And it is a controversial conversation that will likely live on until it's advocate's feel that there has been a significant change in politics and within the NFL.

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