8 Low-key Ways For College Students To Celebrate Halloween On Monday
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8 Low-key Ways For College Students To Celebrate Halloween On Monday

You can have Halloween spirit AND an A on tomorrow's test!

8 Low-key Ways For College Students To Celebrate Halloween On Monday

Halloween is coming! It's my favorite holiday and I love everything about it. Naturally, there will be big parties and haunted houses the weekend before, but there's something really special about the actual night of Halloween. Unfortunately, this year that special night falls on the worst day of the week: Monday. But don't worry! There are still fun things you can do without sacrificing your Halloween spirit or your Tuesday 8 am class.

1. Throw a Halloween study party!

Get your friends to come over and cram in costume. If you don't live in a dorm, or you have dorm trick-or-treating, you can even hand out candy. Or just reward yourself with candy every time you get a question right! Plus, you might actually study better when other people are motivating you.

2. Decorate your dorm.

All it takes is a trip to the drugstore! Get some of those spiderwebs and garlands and deck out your room, inside and out. Maybe even put out a pumpkin?

3. Eat a shitload of candy.

Obviously! Alternatively, wait until Tuesday when it's all on sale and then go in for the kill.

4. Carve jack-o-lanterns.

It only takes a few minutes to uphold this Halloween tradition! Afterward, you can roast the seeds inside the pumpkin with olive oil and sea salt to make a snack for later. Not allowed to have a knife or candles in your dorm? No problem! Paint or use Sharpie instead.

5. Take a spooky midnight stroll across campus if it's safe.

My favorite part of Halloween is actually scaring myself with the possibility of the supernatural. Where better to do that than outside on Halloween night (after you've finished your homework)? Just make sure you are in a safe area, and bring a friend!


Okay, three movies might sound like a lot to watch in one night (I like to pretend Return to Halloweentown never happened), but who said you can't do homework at the same time? Ugh, you know what, forget homework. Halloweentown is much more important. You can tell anyone who disagrees to stop being such a Dylan!!! After all, as Aggie Cromwell tells us, "the movies can teach us about life."

7. Watch your favorite spooky movie in general!

My favorite type of scary movies are black and white psychological thrillers, but you can do whatever you feel! Chuckie? Orphan? Rocky Horror? Scary Movies I through a million? All of them make excellent background noise for a study session!

8. Dress up for class.

Even if you aren't celebrating on Monday night, or you're just too old to go trick-or-treating, you can still be festive all day long. Wear orange and black, Halloween gear, or just head to school in your costume! Your classmates are sure to appreciate your whimsical attire.

Halloween may be on a Monday, but don't despair! There are tons of ways you can still celebrate. And as we all know, it really started October 1st anyway. Make the most of Halloween before midnight, when the portal to Halloweentown closes and Christmas begins!

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