Alright, guys. In my world, we have finally hit the golden part of the year. Let me break it down for you.

September 28th: My birthday (I turned 18!!)

October 18th: Fall Break (meaning: I get to be home for four whole days!)

October 31st: HALLOWEEN!!

November 3rd: Baylor Homecoming!! (It's gonna be AWESOME!!)

November 20th: The start of my Thanksgiving break!!

December 12th: Christmas Break!!!!

See how awesome this time of year is?

However, Halloween has a special place in my heart. I LOVE all things Macabre. The witch trials are one of my favorite topics in school, I (like everyone else on Twitter) think serial killers are pretty interesting, Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, Macbeth is my favorite Shakespeare play, and I actually LIVE off "American Horror Story" (Coven is my favorite season).

Halloween is the PRIME TIME for everything spooky. We have the scary stories, the costumes, even the podcasts! (I'm listening to "Darkest Night" as I write this: if you love horror, check it out!)

Even the streaming services are buying into Halloween: so far we have Huluween and Netflix and Chills. I am LIVING.

So, with all the memes and spooky things happening this month, do yourself a favor. Let yourself be scared. Get excited about Halloween. Wear the T-shirt. Decorate your dorm (like I'm doing this weekend). Don't let school take up all your time. It's OK to be into this!

Marathon some spooky movies for me. I recommended "Grave Encounters," the Halloween series, any "American Horror Story" season (there's always a Halloween episode), and the cult classics: "Hocus Pocus," "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (yes, it IS a Halloween movie), and literally any Stephen King movie.

Or, you could go with my Mom's favorite: the "Wishbone" Halloween episode. Also known as the "Halloween Hound" :)

Happy Halloween!!