Your life feels like one giant joke.

As soon as life starts looking up and things feel like they're getting to be happier, lighter and better... it's like you've jinxed yourself. At this point, when you see something good happening in your life you sit and wait for it to take a turn for the worst.

You feel like you can't catch a break.

No matter how hard you work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself your efforts feel pointless and are tiring. You feel like you're exhausting yourself as you pour all your energy into trying to make your life better just to constantly be set back by one challenge after another.

You're sick of hearing that things will be better. Every time someone offers you that flimsy, weak, old one-liner, "things will get better" you feel even further from getting better. Your friends feel like they're giving you all the right advice but you feel like you're going to crack if one more person tells you "things will get better."

It feels like you can't take one step forward without taking seven steps back.

Before, you would give yourself a chance at succeeding in school or in a relationship or at life in general. But now it feels like things have fallen apart one too many times, and you're starting to believe you will never be able to turn your life around for good.

The truth is it's hard to watch you struggle from the side.

As your best friend, I'm rooting for you so hard and to see you constantly catch a bad break is hard on me too. You're the one who deserves happiness over anyone else I know. Why hasn't it come your way?

Despite life not working in your favor, I do know that all the challenges thrown your way have made you one strong, independent, beautiful human being.

Every single time you've been knocked down you've stood right back up to tackle life's worst with complete grace. Sometimes I don't know how you handle adversity so well. Then I remember, that God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers so it's no wonder that you're still standing, fighting for your best life.

You don't let any misfortune change you for the worst. If anything all the misfortunate you've faced has changed you for the better.

Despite how bad of a week you're having, how tight money is, or how overwhelmed you are with all the emotions crowding your head, you don't let the quality of your life suffer because of it.

You still do the things you love and give love to those around you. Although you take time to reflect on what's going on around you, moping around has never been in your character. The dance floor is your first home, having a girls night in accompanied by ice cream is your second. You don't sacrifice having a good life because you're constantly fighting to have one.

Most importantly, you've stayed true to yourself when changing who you are may have made your life a little less difficult. Taking the easy way out may run in your blood but your Momma raised a fighter, a strong girl who knows that if she keeps her head up and works hard, she can go anywhere. Everyone around you is inspired by your work ethic, character, smile, and positivity despite all the bad luck you've encountered.

Out of anyone I know, you make the best of every single day. I am so proud to be able to say that about my best friend, "the girl who cannot catch a break."