To Anyone Who Has Catcalled A Woman, You Are Why We Feel Unsafe To Walk Alone At Night
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To Anyone Who Has Catcalled A Woman, You Are Why We Feel Unsafe To Walk Alone At Night

You’re making us feel unsafe and we need you to stop.

To Anyone Who Has Catcalled A Woman, You Are Why We Feel Unsafe To Walk Alone At Night

If you are a woman who has ever walked around outside, you have probably been catcalled.

And you probably understand the intense discomfort accompanied with people honking, yelling, whistling, and a doing a whole slew of other gestures at you when you’re just trying to mind your own business.

Catcalling is incredibly disrespectful and is a form of harassment, and as a society, we should be working to make people feel safe when they’re outside instead of anxious as a result of unwanted attention. Catcalling is indisputably terrible.

1. It makes us feel unsafe

This seems obvious, but apparently, it isn’t, so I’ll clarify: having strange men yell at you about your body when you’re walking down the street is scary. Having cars honk at you when they pass is scary.

Unwanted touching is scary, so please stop doing all of these things immediately.

2. It’s objectifying

If you think that it is ever appropriate for a complete stranger to comment on a woman’s body, please sit down and rethink that. It’s uncomfortable to receive inappropriate remarks on your appearance. It feels creepy and it's seriously violating.

3. There’s no way for us to react to it

It is impossible to for anyone to respond smoothly to a stranger yelling “nice legs!” at them. What are you supposed to do? Scream back?

4. We don’t need your validation

Women are not dressing for men to pay attention to them, and assuming that yelling at us will make us feel validated it just stupid. Stupid!

5. There is literally no point to it

I have no idea how men benefit from catcalling. Obviously something is motivating them to honk at strangers as they drive by, but… what? I need answers.

6. It’s not just something we forget about

We remember being harassed, that that experience stays with us and forces us to be extremely careful when we’re walking outside. Women shouldn’t feel anxious every time they go outside at night, and people who catcall are creating a culture of hostility and objectification that is wildly unfair to the women subjected to it.

To anyone who has ever felt compelled to catcall a woman: please find a better and more wholesome pastime, like crafting or puzzles. You don’t want to be part of the reason why women are scared to walk home alone at night.

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