1. Do not over pack.


Over packing is in a girls DNA. We tend to bring several outfits for several different occasions, knowing we are only going to a fancy dinner once during vacation. Although you never know which outfit will fit your vibe that day, do not overdo it. Chances are you are going to pick up some new souvenirs and not have enough space in your carry on. Clothes and accessories can always be bought during vacation but let's be honest, you will most likely wear that same tank top and ripped denim shorts every time you go out in the sun, including the same bathing suit.

2. Buy travel sized items.


Instead of buying brand new products for the hair, face, and skin pick up some empty travel sized bottles and export your products into them. Usually, Harmon, CVS, and even the Dollar Tree carry mini clear bottles under 3.4 ounces (your standard TSA carry-on check). This way, you can use your normal face wash, so you won't break out, your typical shampoo, to keep your hair color striving, and even your normal lotion, to keep your skin radiant. Using your normal products will cause less stress knowing your routine will not be completely out of wack.

3. Invest in a cord organizer.


Unless you have Apple air pods, headphones are notorious for getting tangled and when they are shoved at the bottom of your bag, the cord seems to be stuck with crumbs and fuzz. To avoid broken headphones, a cord organizer is essential for travel and everyday life. It's quite simple, all you do is wrap your headphones or charger around the rubber part of the cord organizer and your cords will be easily accessible and neat. You can buy cord organizers almost anywhere such as Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and CVS or a quick piece of tape will do.

4. Roll your clothes in your suitcase.

Tranquil Scene Freedom Beach Holding Relax Travel


Rolling clothes is a huge space saver. You will be able to fit ten times more items then you would verse folding them. This will allow you to pack lighter and smarter. Tightly rolling your shirts and pants will help make sure you utilize all of the space in your bag, remember to not over pack.

5. Try wrapping your luggage.


Usually, when traveling internationally, it is a good idea to wrap your luggage in case it opens and spills out. But wrapping your carry-on is a good idea as well. Different brands make cute designs on the wraps and to be safe, your bag can always rip. Luggage is tossed around and mishandled all of the time to be smart about your personal items inside. Plus suitcases are not cheap.

6. Make sure you lock your bag.


Unfortunately, theft happens all around and certain airlines make you check carry-ons. To always be safe, lock your luggage. Many stores sell small locks that TSA can always open since it is universal. Locks usually come with a little key that you can store in your purse in order to open your bag after a long flight. Locks also do so much more than keeping your bags safe, they hold the zippers together so your bag will not burst open. Locks also come in handy if you are staying in a hostel or in a room with strangers.

7. Pack your shoes properly.


Shoes smell and we all know they take up a large amount of room. In order to avoid the stench, throw some towel dryers in them and store your socks in them as well. You can even fit other essentials in your shoes at the bottom of the bag. Whenever there is an open crevice in your bag, shove a shoe there. You can even put fragile items in your shoes, but it helps to pack the lightest pairs you have. Try and always pack your shoes first.