Offset, Cardi B Needs A Minute
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Offset, Cardi B Needs A Minute

This is the toxic masculinity we always tell people about.

Offset, Cardi B Needs A Minute

Whoa! Whoa! Internet, please! Settle down! Hey, Twitter, stay in your corner and don't touch Facebook anymore.

The internet has been fuming this past couple of weeks when Cardi B announced that she and Offset are no longer together and will be getting a divorce. Of course, the couple was huge and iconic in many ways, they did seem like the perfect match for each other. She had her eccentric ways and he had his street-smart mentality, so they just seemed to click. First, a little bit of background history with the icon, Cardi B.

Love and Hip Hop Season 7, Cardi B

Cardi B was an internet sensation. She was known for her funny and loud personality that everyone saw on Instagram. Cardi B was originally a stripper in the game who started making money for herself. When her fan base exploded, she got herself a deal on Love and Hip Hop. Everyone thought this was going to be quick and painless two seasons for this rising star, but she had other plans. In between seasons, she made her hit Bodak Yellow and her career began to SOAR! Soon after she ended her Love and Hip Hop career, she started to spend a lot of time with one of the Migos, Offset. Fast forward and they have a beautiful baby girl named Kulture and they are a married couple. Of course, they have had their fair share of issues together during their relationship. Apparently, he has cheated on her multiple times and has even offered a threesome with her and another female. Cardi B, eventually, said that enough is enough and she called it quits with her husband.

She stated that they haven't been happy for a while now and that it is just better if they call it quits. She still loves him and they are still friends but she doesn't want anything to do with him romantically. Easy enough, correct? Whether or not she left him because of his numerous affairs or because they just grow apart is not something that is our business. All we know is that she called it quits and her space should be respected. Let her go and party out her broken heart.

In the comments of Instagram and all over social media, Offset has been seen commenting, "Y'all won" as if it's social media/social networking fault that their relationships failed (excuse me while I play the worlds smallest violin). Then he takes to Twitter shortly after and says, "I miss Cardi!" As if he's pleading his love to her over social media (wow, I didn't know I was still playing this violin). As time goes on, Cardi is showing off her booked and busy lifestyle. Showing the world that their break up is not stopping her money moves. During one of her shows she changes one of the lyrics in her verse of "Motorsport" simply by saying, "I turn Offset on. I told him the other day, yeah we gonna get a divorce." This statement, in front of many fans, proves that she is sticking to what she said and she's sticking to her word on remaining single and not wanting to come back into his life in any romantic way. Does Offset care about this? No. He had other plans.

Recently, he appeared during one of her shows, as a surprise of course, with some stage crew helping him out and changing some things that said, "Take Me Back, Cardi". He appeared with roses and approached her saying, "I Love You, Bruh..." She exchanged some silent words to him but she was overall, UPSET with this stunt of his. He was escorted off the stage, more so he walked off the stage willingly, and Cardi continued with her performance but it was obvious that she was just not having it anymore. Her vibe was different and it was obvious that him showing up just vexed her soul. NOW! Let's talk about why this is terribly wrong and why this is posterboard TOXIC!

First off, this wasn't just any showcase. This wasn't just any other concert. This was HER MOMENT! This was Rolling Louds FIRST female headliner and it was tarnished by Offsets selfish deeds. That's first. Secondly, I would fire her entire crew that let this happen. I don't care if it was for ratings. I don't care if it was going to be the most talked about event before 2018 ends. I don't care if this was going to win some type of award for "Most Sprung". I would have fired her entire set. This was her performance. She is at WORK. And here comes her oh-no-I-messed-up baby's father coming into her place of work and embarrassing her. Trying to get HER crowd to cheer "Take Me Back, Cardi". That's a big no from me, Captain. Cardi B deserves all of the time and space in the world she needs. They are going through a divorce. Whether he was in the wrong or she was in the wrong, they both deserve space. The fact that he is invading her space and going to HER PLACE OF WORK does not sit well with me. Women get bashed and labeled as "The Crazy Baby Mama" when they show up to their baby fathers place of work and show out the way he did. I'm sorry. I'm just not here for it.

Secondly, there is a lot of toxic masculinity in what he's doing. He misses her. We all understand. Once you mess up, you realize what you had and you want her back in your life. Sorry! That's not how this works! Not for adults! You can't just surprise her while she's in class with flowers and your homeboys behind you hyping you up! That isn't going to work. This was a marriage you decided to tarnish with your adultery. It's not like you went to a party without her and she's upset. No. No. You went out of your way to cheat on her with a woman and then cheat on her with another woman and claim "you wanted a threesome". Here's what cheating does to a person: You make them feel insignificant. You make them feel less than. You make them feel as though they are not enough. You got to know her, married her, put a baby in her, said your vows and then what? Cheated on her. Took time out of your day to be secretive and cheat on her. Changed her whole lifestyle, just to basically tell her, "I'll give what I give you to another woman." You are treating her as an equal to someone who does not share what you two share. Then you start with the "I miss her so much" after you were caught. Guess who's tired of it? We are.

Finally, his excuse was, "I didn't even have sex with her. All I did was entertain her." At this point, I'm ready to flip tables. I'm going to say this one time for the people in the back, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE. YOU CAN CHEAT ON YOUR SPOUSE WITHOUT HAVING INTERCOURSE! I know this may be new for anyone under 21, but there is such thing as having an emotional relationship with someone else. If you do anything that you do with your wife with another woman, guess what? It could be considered cheating. Anything that makes your wife feel special should not be spent on another woman. If forehead kisses are meant for your wife, you save those for your wife. If your wife is the only woman you are supposed to lay in bed with and hung up on, you keep it that way. How you cheated does not matter. The fact remains the same, you did something that made her feel less than and she's taking the high and very painful road of getting a divorce. There are men out there who say she should take him back because divorce is hard work. Divorce is getting through the tough times together. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CHEATING, FELLAS! This includes going broke together. This includes going through wrongful lawsuits. This includes disputes between families. This includes fights between one another. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE INFIDELITY!

We can all admit that Cardi B is one of a kind and Offset is terrible for losing her, but whether or not she decides to take him back is on her. All we can do is stand on the sidelines and cheer for her and respect her wishes to be left alone and to NOT harass Kulture's father.

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