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    So my name is Robbie, right? Here's the thing; I've been toying around with the idea of professionally going by my full birth name, Robert Michael Cox, because people that do that are undoubtedly cool. Neil Patrick Harris, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Andrew Lloyd Weber to name a few. My initials, RMC, stand for Rocky Mountain Colorado, which is a pretty cool place according to people who have been there. Much like my name, I consider myself to be, as the kids say, "pretty neat". I aspire to one day have my very own cartoon on TV. Think Ren & Stimpy, Rick & Morty, or any other cartoon whose name is just the two main characters. The thing is, I'm hysterical, so this shouldn't really be an issue. However, in the event that it should be an issue, I would love to write comedy. I've done a few stand up bits that were well-received all over my freshman seminar class of 12, so it seems I have a pretty secure future in that department. Now, I'd love to do stand up as a hobby. If I was writing comedy, I'd want to do it for tv or movies, maybe even a news source such as The Onion. In fact, I'm a huge fan of comedy. I'd like to start a comedy club at Webster; one that's dedicated to more than just improv. Stand up, comedy in movies & TV... All that jazz. That would be a pretty sweet thing to do. What I can bring to The Odyssey is humor. Hopefully. I mean, humor is subjective. It's in the eye of the beholder. I know at least 12 people who think I'm funny. They can vouch for me.

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