Two words.

Yet so much weight in them.

So much pain,





To fight till the end for something bigger than yourself.

To continue giving your all no matter what the cost.

It started with one man and then it became six.

Five quirky,




Determined men.

And one woman that was unlike any other.

Who saw the differences and the pain in each of these men and still she chose to call them family.

To the next generations forming.

From a young spider in Brooklyn,

To a panther of a King,

And a scarlet witch,

And so much more.

All joining forces for the greater good.

To defend Earth.

To be its mightiest heroes


Assembling on the battlefield,

Some coming from galaxies far away and others from worlds apart.

For what you may ask.

For survival,

For good,

For mankind and all that was left of it.

From the creation of a comic book writer.

Who then became one of the world's greatest legends.

To the blood, sweat, and tears that were put into bringing these characters to life.

To allowing these characters to reach the hearts of the entire world.

To showcase hope,

Instill the idea of fighting for what's right and to fight for those you love.

That pain doesn't have to define you.

Assembling into one main universe.

With one main goal in mind.

To inspire,


And all else make an everlasting impact in its fan's hearts.

That's the power of the original six.

That's the power of Marvel itself!