Yeah, The Future Is Female, And 'Captain Marvel' Is Here To Fight For That
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Yeah, The Future Is Female, And 'Captain Marvel' Is Here To Fight For That

It's about time we normalize stories about female superheroes, too.

Yeah, The Future Is Female, And 'Captain Marvel' Is Here To Fight For That

On Sept. 18, Marvel released the official for "Captain Marvel," starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. The movie has been long anticipated since the release of "Infinity War," and a story I personally cannot wait to see on the big screen.

The trailer itself is nothing short of epic, giving just enough detail to shape the beginnings of a story and leave anyone watching completely intrigued and craving more. Instead of outright saying that the film takes place in the 90s, it opens with Captain Marvel herself crashing into a Blockbuster video store.

I can't even count how many times I hit the replay button, and I figured everyone seeing it would feel the same way.

Unfortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Entertainment Weekly recently released an issue with this cover, which Marvel posted as a promotion on their Instagram page. The cover, besides having Brie Larson look absolutely badass, has the phrase "the future is female" written across it. I made the mistake of scrolling through the comments section.

Hundreds of comments flooded the post with sexist remarks like "someone show her where the kitchen is" or "she isn't sexy enough to be a superhero." My personal favorites called for an end of this "feminist bullshit" and "wish it was a guy."

I was so disgusted that people would write such horrible comments, even as a joke, but my anger I think is misplaced. Change does not happen in a day, and it does not happen from following the same routine, making the same movie, or having the same story.

The problem with comments like these is that there have not been enough big superhero movies promoting a female lead. "Wonder Woman" had the same backlash, and it did nothing but gracefully take its criticism and epicly prove everyone wrong.

Here's the thing: this movie absolutely matters.

Because it's a female superhero at center stage; because it's normalizing female superheroes and leads; because it is the type of story the world needs to see.

The future isn't female because we're trying to kill equality, the future is female because we're trying to achieve equality. And "Captain Marvel" is not some "feminist bullshit," it is the real deal complex character who isn't a great superhero because she is a woman, but is a great superhero because she is simply a great superhero.

It's about time we normalize that.

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