The Lamest Superheros In The DC And Marvel Cinematic Universes

If there's one way to become financially secure, it's to star in a Marvel or DC movie. The fanbase is insane, and being a part of these action cinematic universes almost ensures international stardom. Don't get me wrong, I love me some superhero films. However, some of the characters featured in these blockbusters just have the lamest powers.

1. Beast from X Men

To me, it seems like Beast's only power is to turn into a terrifying blue monkey. He looks more like a Webkinz than intimidating to me. Although he's got his strength which seems to help out in most situations, Hank McCoy's real superpower is his intelligence. It seems to come more in handy than his monkey skills.

2. Ant-Man

Considering he has his own stand-alone film and another to come, Ant-Man must be doing something right. However, when next to badasses like Iron Man and Captain America, Ant-Man kind of looks like a loser. Sorry, the size changing isn't enough for me. Dude, you just have a cool suit.

3. Green Lantern

Can't tell if I'm biased against this because the movie flopped, but all Green Lantern has is a good taste in jewelry. Not to mention, the costume doesn't really flatter the character. Considering this movie created one of the best couples of all time, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, I guess I'll give him a break. However, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is a way better choice.

4. Batman

Alright, alright. Hear me out. I adore Christian Bale's Batman and The Dark Knight trilogy. This critic focuses on the newest Batman, Ben Affleck. Sure, Batman's powers all come from money, and he isn't really that interesting in that sense. However, Ben Affleck plays Batman almost as an angsty teen, pissed off at every aspect of the world. You won't catch me at any DC films anytime soon.

5. The Winter Soldier

I am so sick of this character putting everyone in danger because Captain America can't get over the fact that this is no longer his best friend, just a brainwashed version of him. In every film where Bucky Barnes is featured, he spends more time being the villain than the superhero.

Can't forget to mention his reflexes are kind of all he has going for him. If he could fly or shape-shift, then maybe I would like him a little better. Honestly, I think Cap's main love interest might be the Winter Soldier instead of Sharon Carter. Seriously, he just needs to figure it out.

Sorry if these are your favorites, I PERSONALLY wouldn't want any of these powers for myself. So, next time the icebreaker, "If you could have one superpower what would it be?" comes up, don't expect me to say spitting fireballs.

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