Sick Of Hearing About The Seriousness of Politics? Come See A Show By Capitol Steps Where They Mock Different Political Issues

Sick Of Hearing About The Seriousness of Politics? Come See A Show By Capitol Steps Where They Mock Different Political Issues

Check out Capital Steps and their rad performances!

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READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: When this article is published we already know who our president is. Many people are feeling upset and are not happy with the results of this year's election. I don't want this article or group "Capitol Steps" to get involved or have any hatred against. This article will contain some stuff about the Presidential Debates prior to the 2016 Election.

Have a vested interest in Politics? You should come and see Capitol Steps. Capitol Steps is a group of Senate staffers that aim to mock the people and places that they work for. Capitol Steps first was discovered in December of 1981 when some of the staff for Senator Charles Percy were trying to figure out how to entertain the guests during the Christmas party and what better way to entertain guests by creating song parodies and skits which conveyed a special kind of satirical humor by the current events that were happening back then?

It felt like an honor for Capital Steps to come to Regis College the day before the election. I had the greatest pleasure in seeing this funny and talented group of actors act out parts from the Presidential debates. I enjoyed seeing this group at my school ,Regis College, because we were gearing up towards the election and were about to find out who was going to lead the nation. Some scenes and skits that were acted out were when Donald Trump's mic broke and they talked about Obamacare and had the actors pretend they are hurt. The guy that impersonated Obama was dressed in a shark costume and it looked like he was bitten by a shark. Then at the end of the show, they sang "Oh Canada" referring to if Trump won.

Capitol Steps is a great way to learn about Politics and to laugh at issues that these candidates are fighting for, but also in a respectful way. Capitol Steps does not just do shows referring to the election. They do it on all kinds of political issues. Capitol Steps has been given some rad reviews such as "The troupe has become a favorite on the Washington social circuit. Its political satire brings chuckies...rave reviews...guffaws...and bipartisan grins all around. The satire hits the mark." - The Wall Street Journal. "They're the best. There's no one like them, no one in their league." - Larry King, CNN or "The Capitol Steps make it easier to leave public life." - Former President George Bush Sr.

Check out for more information regarding their show or to find a show near you.

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