I Can't Thank My Best Friend Enough
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I Can't Thank My Best Friend Enough

To the best friend that deserves an appreciation post every day.

I Can't Thank My Best Friend Enough

I know everyone makes the claim that their best friend is the best best friend, but that is because they have not met mine.

With her birthday quickly approaching I've been contemplating what to get her, but also just how we've gotten to this point in our friendship. No one, including us, would have thought that our friendship would make it through the horrible middle school and high school years. The amount of "he said, she said" arguments we had is truly astounding thinking back on it now and the fact that we even still talk to each other is crazy.

But despite all the bad times and the rollercoaster that was our first few years as friends, I feel truly blessed to have you as my best friend.You are my voice of reason and my shoulder to cry on. Lately I haven't really told you how much you have helped me but you are my rock. You've helped me through the worst breakup, you're there whenever I just need to rant or when I am simply walking home and want somewhere there for me, even if its just on the phone. You're the most selfless person I've ever met and you would do anything for anyone just to make them feel better. You're just such an amazing person and friend and I don't want you to forget that. I wouldn't trade ya for the world and I am thankful everyday for how close we have become.

Looking back now I never thought my hardest long distance relationship and hardest goodbye would be my best friend.

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