We Can't Lose Hope Despite the 2016 Election
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We Can't Lose Hope Despite the 2016 Election

There is so much of our country that the government can't take away from us if we don't let them.

We Can't Lose Hope Despite the 2016 Election
Palmetto Bay

On Election Day, America was faced with unexpected news-- Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. This took many by shock, including the media; every major poll had showed a landslide victory to Hillary Clinton. As this is not what happened, many froze in terror, sadness, and shock. What will become of us? What will become of our country? What will become of the world? How can a man who openly talks down Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities while heightening xenophobia and homophobia possibly serve the purpose of a president?

Many people have lost hope on a better future with Trump as our next president, but despair isn’t the answer. Trump brought out a lot of anti- race and LGBTQ+ sentiments in the country and this is what the people of the United States of America have to rally against. Trump can’t affect social issues if the country doesn’t let it; if the majority wants equality for all, the citizens will get equality for all. The government is a reflection of the American people, and because Hillary Clinton still received the majority vote, the majority of the country still believes in equal freedom. This is why it’s important to band together to show the government that the country won’t stand for any act or law that reduces the people’s freedoms. It’s vital more than ever that the government hears the people, and because you’re part of the people, you can make a difference no matter what. So no moving to Canada and no running away, we have to stand and fight for our country and the principles it was founded on.

Hillary’s candidacy stood as hope and a chance for a woman to become the president of the United States. This hope and chance still live on because now, there are more determined girls who are fighting to fill the role as the first female president of the United States of America. Hillary’s loss has inspired more girls to dream of running for president and has fueled the desire that lives within each of them. Soon, one day, one of these girls will become the first female president this country has ever had. Also, because of this election there are more people actively participating in society because they want to be heard. They want to be represented. Perpetuating hate isn’t the solution. But the right solution it is to call local officials and members of Congress and demand to be heard, or spread love and rights through different means. This is the only way the people of American can be taken seriously and be represented in the government.

Yes, Trump has become the president of America. It could be a negative thing if we let it, or we can close the divides that open up our country by showing the government that we won’t stand for any ruthless acts and turn the next 4 years into the true United States of America.

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