6 Reasons I Literally Can't Afford To Be A Beyoncé Fan Anymore

6 Reasons I Literally Can't Afford To Be A Beyoncé Fan Anymore

Bey, I am not happy with you right now.


I have made a heartbreaking decision... I can no longer be a die-hard Beyonce fan. I'm sorry, but I've had enough. I used to be Beyonce's biggest fan. I love her music, I worship her dancing, I crave her confidence. But, things have changed in my old icon that I'm not sure I support anymore. Here are the reasons why I just can't go on being a member of the Beyhive to the extent that I used to be:

1. Her music isn't free anymore

I haven't even listened to all of Lemonade yet. When Beyonce decided to only make her latest album available through apple music and tidal, that really made me mad. I used to not like Taylor Swift for this reason. You are so rich, why don't you share your music with more people/fans and do it for free? AND she made her visual album release only on HBO, which you have to pay extra for a subscription to. I have only seen parts that are in her FREE youtube version of music videos from the album.

2. Her tickets are insanely pricey

I was so freakin' pumped when I heard rumors about an On The Run Tour II happening. As soon as tickets went up for sale though, i was so shocked. If i wanted to be even relatively close, i had to pay more than 400 dollars. That is insane to me. Again, you and Jay-Z are millionaires- why do your tickets need to be this expensive?!

3. She's kind of arrogant

I used to love that Beyonce was proud and confident, and that bitch. But what the hell is this? Who announces a pregnancy like this? This was just so weird to me. I know her fanbase is huge, but an announcement this gaudy seems really narcissistic to me. There are plenty of other examples of Beyonce being full of herself- let's just leave it at this: she has a temperature controlled room in her home for all of her photographs and interviews... OH! she also had to have THE LOUVE completely rented out just for her and jay-z to use for a video... like really?

4. I don't think I can be on board with this whole giving jay-z another chance thing

I mean how do you cheat on one of the most beautiful, rich, and talented women in the world? He ain't cute, or talented in my opinion, and after you bash him on an entire album, how is your fanbase supposed to just be okay with it? Everybody just pretends like it never happened anymore and the old Beyonce I knew and loved wouldn't put up with this shit.

5. She doesn't sing anymore

This new joint album she's doing with Jay-z, going by the name of "The Carters" is not for me. In their single "Apeshit", Bey doesn't even sing. She's talking. She is one of the most talented woman vocalists of all time and she ISN'T USING HER VOICE. WHY? I am not here for a rapping Beyonce. I miss true vocalists.

6. The beyhive is starting to get scary

You can't say nothing about Bey without being emotionally and verbally attacked by her fans. People are freakin' passionate. People destroyed Amber Rose when she compared Beyonce's stage outfits and dancing to that of strippers... they said some pretty horrible stuff. I don't know if I want to associate with people that aggressive... Not every single member of the beyhive is vicious, I know that, but speaking generally, it doesn't seem like the friendliest fandom.

I will always love Beyonce. No doubt about it. But lately, it just hasn't been the same. Maybe I'm totally wrong and this is all in my head, but I just feel as though her attitude changed, her music changed, and her values changed.

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