Ever thought about what life was like before smartphones and social media? When you did not have to worry about your significant other liking someone else's picture or possible texting someone of the opposite gender? There once was a period of time when someone did not have to worry or obsess over these small aspects in their life. I respect and wish that I lived in my parent's dating years, because I cannot stand modern dating.

Before cell phones existed, the boy or girl that you liked had to call you on the phone that was attached to the kitchen wall. You could not sneak into your room to talk to them, you had to stay in distance of that kitchen wall because the cord was not long enough. Your parents would limit the time that you could talk on the phone or could possibly be listening on the other end. Now-a-days, calling is almost non-existent. Those late night phone calls where you talked about your day with your boyfriend or girlfriend have now turned into texting conversations and emojis. Where is the fun and heart in that?

Before texting was invented, to communicate with someone across the country you had to handwrite a letter and stick it in the mailbox and wait days for it to get to them. My grandmother still has the letters that her and my grandfather wrote to one another back and forth while he was in the Air Force, but now, those overseas are only a FaceTime away. There is no longer the anticipation of waiting for a letter or being able to keep the pages and pages of paper that your significant other sent to you filled with love. Now, boys and girls sit up waiting for an "I miss you" or "I love you" text as if that means something to them. Plus, no one can say what they are feeling face-to-face anymore! People are scared to say their feelings in person, so instead they hide behind their cell phone screen and send whatever they are feeling in a text message. Texting is a baddddd way of communicating your feelings; texts are very hard to comprehend since you cannot hear the way that person is saying what they typed.

Not only has communication changed in the dating world, but going out has changed as well. Most people do not come up to the door anymore to pick up who they are going out with; now, most send an "I'm here" text or even worse, honk to get that person to come outside. Dates are no longer going out to a nice dinner and then a movie or driving around until you find some scenery. Dates now seem to be so simplistic and not thought out ahead of time. I cannot tell you how much it means to someone to have their significant other tell them, "I have something planned for us today" instead of, "I don't know, what do you want to do today?"

Dating is a privilege. Finding someone who means the world to you and that you can love is not something that should be taken for granted. Instead of waiting until the last minute to make plans, talk about it days in advance. Write a love letter to that special someone even if you do not think that it is "in" nowadays. Instead of saying "what do you want to do today?" plan something ahead of time for that special someone. Even though you may think this is all cliche and "cheesy", it may mean more to your boyfriend/girlfriend than you will ever know.