Keep Calm And Get Ready For March Madness
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Keep Calm And Get Ready For March Madness

This year, keep it classy.

Keep Calm And Get Ready For March Madness
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March Madness is right around the corner guys! If you weren't aware of what happens in March, it is the NCAA basketball tournament. It comes in second (Super Bowl is first) in popularity of sporting events. Sports has been one of the things that can bring a room full of people from all types of backgrounds together. The national anthem is played (most of the time) before each event begins and all Americans stand in unity with hands across our hearts. It's a beautiful sight...

...Until the whistle blows. No longer are we one anymore. We are divided into two and cheering for our respective teams. Now, I love sports just as much as the next person. I participated in playing sports since I was six years old and although I no longer play, I still hold respect for the game in my heart. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite team and cheering them onto victory. It is how our nation has operated for a long time.

The first March Madness event commenced on March 17, 1939. And to this day, people will hold grudges over who won in championships from long ago. Arguments over basketball (or any sporting event) can get quite violent. I know I have yelled at the referees, the other team, and even my favorite players for doing something stupid. I even yell at the TV sometimes, and I blame that gene on my father.

But here is one thing I would like for everyone to keep in mind before March Madness infects all the basketball lovers: watch what you say to another human being. At the end of the day the refs, other teams, and your team are all human. No different from you. Especially the opposite team's fans. They love their team just as much as you love yours.

Fights between fans are my least favorite. Just because your team won the game, does not mean they will win the next time against that same opponent. From playing sports, one of the biggest lessons I learned is that anyone can win on any given day. You can never underestimate someone, even if you do have the best draft pick.

You want to wear your favorite team's apparel, go right on ahead. Support them! You want to cheer them on, yell at the top of your lungs. You want to be a fan? Then stick with your team through the ups and downs. They aren't going to be fantastic 100% of the time and over the years. A true fan sticks it out through it all.

You want to talk crap about your most hated team? Sure, but makes sure it is in the privacy of your own home. Want to post junk on social media? Don't. It's trashy and you will eat crow at some point. You want to make snide comments to your friends that cheer for another team? Go ahead if you are ready to burn a bridge. People do not take things lightly when it comes to their team.

Above all, keep it classy and not trashy.

If you live in North Carolina, you are more than likely aware of the feud between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These universities live down the road from one another and the rivalry runs deep. When it comes to these two teams playing one another, you never know what will happen. Huge comebacks and buzzer beating winning shots have been made. Their history makes their games exciting to watch!

What isn't so glamorous about this rivalry are the fans. Whenever these two aren't playing one another, fans will wish the worst for the team they hate. Social media is the absolutely awful when it comes to these two teams as well. Such hateful things are said about one another and it's ridiculous.

At the end of the day the players and the coaches are just people. They aren't idols we should be worshiping. Fans are spiteful and bitter towards one another over the outcome of games. You may not have to like the other team, but you sure could keep it classy by being respectful. That goes for far much more than just basketball in our society too.

So, this March I wish you the best as you cheer on your team, and I hope you watch your mouth so you don't look stupid when my team beats yours (Just kidding, but I'm hopeful)! Happy March Madness everyone!

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