Calling All American's, It's Time To Be Respectful
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Politics and Activism

Calling All American's, It's Time To Be Respectful

American politics today is extremely hateful, but it's time to change.

Calling All American's, It's Time To Be Respectful

Today, especially during the 2016 presidential election year American's have been more divided and outspoken than ever before. This current presidential election has literally caused violence and hatred due to the presence of two very different presidential nominee's. I as an eighteen year old college freshman majoring in political science, am completley appaled by the way the citizens of this nation have been acting and treating people(s) who do not share the same political beliefs as themselves. If anyone has ever logged on to any social media website in the past six months they will find posts filled with slander or even people wishing for both candidates to be killed. I have seen so many posts about people joking or making fun of each candidate, but have seen very little posts about voters choosing candiates based upon their policies or political ideologies. Regardless of who you, the reader will be voting for on November eigth: I hope this article will help you to realize that your opinion is not the the only one that exsists in the world and that you can have a civil conversation with an opposing party.

To fully get my point across I need to explain that I am a democrat voting for Hillary Clinton, and do I care about what you have to say about that? NO! I am a woman who is voting for Clintion not because she is a woman, or for that I "dislike" Donald Trump; but I am voting for her because I do not agree with the policies set forward by Mr. Trump. Now, as a woman who is in support of Clinton I have recieved so much hate for my democratic ideologies, and belief system that I have had to remain quiet when I have been pursued in a political conversation. I have been called a "baby killer" because I believe that a woman has the right to her own body, and have been told tthat the "only reason that I am voting for the former Secretary of State" is because she is a woman. I find this opposistion, and ignorance why I will be casting a vote for Mrs. Clinton completley absurb. However, I have heard democratic voters cast the same hate towards republicans voting for Trump.

As everyone has most likely seen opposistion for another voting for an opposing party I remind and urge all voters to do their research. I hope that every single voter in this nation has researched both candidates in hopes of learning what they will actually be voting into office. This election is extremely important for there is so much happening in our nation, and nations around the world today. As Americans we need to have all of the knowledge and understanding of what each of these candidates wish to do within our nation, and their goals for international involvement. I urge voters to open their minds to have an intelligent respectable conversation with an opposite party voter. Education, and knowledge is extremely important, and I hope that you all choose your candidates based upon ideologies rather than hatred.

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