Genocide. Killing members of the group. Causing serious bodily or mental harm of the group. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Similar to most, I am not super knowledgeable on wars, militias, rebels, etc. Even though most of us are not very confident in our ability to discuss the details of politics, we can share our research, findings, and the passageways to helping the children, families, and elders who need us now more than ever in Aleppo.

Aleppo is a city in the northern region of Syria, which was once the commercial motherland, and is now the remains of a monstrosity. Rebels are in an ongoing battle trying to conquer and defeat President Bashar al-Assad, which has led to complete utter chaos. In the midst of this fight, President Bashar al-Assad has fought, murdered the innocent, and constructed a ruthless war. Aleppo is filled with 2.3 million people; that is 2.3 million babies, toddlers, teenagers, husbands, wives, grandmothers, cousins, coworkers and our sisters and brothers.

The ongoing fight is un-doubtfully horrific, including murdering innocent people, and vicious war crimes. The innocent people of Aleppo are truly stuck in what is now considered genocide, which is absolutely stomach-turning.

Russian aircrafts have mainly targeted hospitals and schools, whereas the citizens of Aleppo have been starved, bombed and gassed. It is hard to know exactly how many people are remaining; most will die while being crammed in the ruins where they were once sheltered. The fight is merciless and relentless.

The media is speaking out and creating dialogue.

There are few but tremendously helpful strides that you can take to stop the bloodshed.

1. Donate.

You can donate to International Red Cross, Save the Children, and Doctors Without Borders.

2. Skills

Medical professionals are needed. If you speak Arabic and can offer translation services, that is very much needed.

3. Support the White Helmets

White Helmets bravely assist the people evacuate with rescue missions, and have saved over 70,000 lives so far. Unfortunately, over 100 brave volunteers have been killed since the organization began in 2013. Support them here.

4. Stand up, protest, create conversation

#StandWithAleppo on social media and in your communities.

5. Save the Children

Save the Children is working to provide children and their families with clothes, protection, shelter, clean water and emergency care.

Simply because most of us don't understand what is going in parts of the world doesn't mean we can't help. The people of Syria are our neighbors, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. If your family was stranded in the rubble, starving and cold, what actions would you take?