Barstool Sports' Call Her Daddy Is Selling $30 T-Shirts That Say "Cheat On Him"
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'Call Her Daddy' Is Selling $30 T-Shirts That Say 'Cheat On Him,' And It's Anything But Empowering

I can assure you that this is not what feminism looks like.

'Call Her Daddy' Is Selling $30 T-Shirts That Say 'Cheat On Him,' And It's Anything But Empowering

If you haven't heard of "Call Her Daddy," it's a podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper where she talks about sex and dating. It's owned by Barstool Sports and has grown tremendously since it was started in 2018.

The podcast's audience is generally college-aged females since Alex seeks to offer real and honest advice about relationships and sex from a feminine perspective. However, there has been controversy with the podcast in the past, and it seems as though it's in for another round of scrutiny.

The podcast released a $30 crop-top tee that reads, "Cheat On Him." I looked around in the comments section and on their site just to see if this was some sort of joke or spin-off, but it's not.

And quite frankly, I am disturbed.

I don't really know if this is supposed to come off as feminism, but it is so far removed from the premise of empowering women that I find it hard to believe that this shirt is even real.

The podcast has been called out before for trying to encourage women to manipulate men in an effort to beat them at their own game, and this shirt just seems to be another staple of that branding. But the idea is in no way empowering, and it shouldn't be displayed as such on a T-shirt.

Feminism isn't about encouraging women to disrespect others and then teaching them to expect no repercussions. It doesn't mean we get a free pass at acting terribly, and it certainly doesn't mean cheating on your significant other in the name of power.

Girls can be strong and confident and worthy without needing to be demeaning, disrespectful, and abusive. Associating feminism with this type of message undermines every effort made by women to be seen as strong and capable.

This shirt is unacceptable, and honestly, I can't find any excuse for this type of messaging.

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