Give Your Friends A Call During This Difficult Time In Quarantine
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Give Your Friends A Call During This Difficult Time In Quarantine

A reminder to be there for the people you love always

Give Your Friends A Call During This Difficult Time In Quarantine
Zoe Dipert

Over the course of this quarantine, all I've thought about is all the things I'm missing out on, no more date parties, no spring football games, no more dorm room parties with my friends. I know so many people are thinking about this too there isn't one person who hasn't lost something that they love to do at this time. Although it sucks to lose those things there are people right now losing their family members, their jobs, their financial security. How do we find hope in a time that is so challenging for everyone? If there is one thing we can do right now in quarantine, it is to find hope and help others who need it. Reaching out to anyone who you think may be struggling in a time like this is the first step. For most people getting through the hard times is easier when they are going out still doing the things they love, without this I can imagine how hard it is right now.

That's why I am encouraging everyone reading this to reach out to someone who you care about. The only way we can all get through this together is by being there for each other. This is definitely one of the hardest times our world is going through, we need to stop and think about others and not just how we are feeling. While at the same time taking care of ourselves which is just as important as taking care of your loved ones. I know personally, this has been a hard adjustment for me like I know it has for others. Although my feelings are still justified I know there are people out there struggling with way more, that just needs someone that is there for them. It is something that you hear everywhere right now, to reach out to your family, friends, coworkers, and make sure they are okay during this time.

Although it is a good thing that this is being advertised and talked about so much it is unsettling to think that a worldwide pandemic has really encouraged mental health to be so publically talked about. Shouldn't we have been checking up on our loved ones as much as we do now, before all this? I know that I am someone who personally struggles with this I don't check up on my friends and family as much as I should and it took this quarantine to make me realize that. Luckily this is something we can change we can start to check up on everyone regularly and don't let it die down when all of this is over. I know we see it on the news and sometimes don't think it could happen to us but our neighbors and friends are being affected by this in ways we might not even know. People go through so many hardships every day and hide it so well that we can't even see it, even if they are people we are close with.

In a time where we know for a fact that everyone is struggling yes we should, of course, be reaching out, but my hope is that we continue to do this even after all of this ends. This is a hard time for so many people and I hope that after this pandemic, relationships grow stronger, families become closer, and we appreciate the people that aren't even in our inner circle. I hope I find the compassion that everyone has been graciously showing me and continue to give it.

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