Four Days.

Starting in four days, my twitter name will be "Caitlin's on tour // TOMORROW" and I will be driving to Nashville, Tennessee to begin my first leg of a tour with, you must've guessed it, Niall Horan.

I will be traveling a cumulative of over 6,000 miles to see him - in eleven cities and nine states. I will be having three sets of back-to-back concerts, seeing him on my birthday, and being to nine new cities.

I will be meeting one of my best friends of all time on my first leg of the tour and I will be meeting my best friends in September for the final leg of Horan's U.S. tour.

I am able to hear my favorite song sung live ten times, and I am going to be able to see my best friend up close, once again.

While yes, many see it is as a waste of money, or a waste of time for that matter, here is why I think of it so differently.

With me, going "on tour" isn't about the money or about the time or about the twenty-hour drive I'm about to make in eleven days.

I am getting to see my best friend of all time, in concert, live, eleven times!

I get to see Niall Horan, my best friend, with my best friends!

We get to travel the country together, sing together, cry together (I will be crying, a lot), dance together, and explore together! I am living my best life!

Going on tour has made me more proud of myself than anything else I have ever done. I have worked countless hours and stressed my hair out (literally) to be able to do what I have been dreaming of doing since I was thirteen.

It's been really difficult to save and not feel like I'm drowning with how much I have been working, but every day I get closer to being on the road is a day closer that I am going to see my idol, and nothing has been a greater reward.

It seems silly to many to be doing this, but let me tell you, I am having the summer of my dreams.

On my first leg of the tour, I will be attending three shows:

Nashville, Tennessee // July 23, 2018

Cincinnati, Ohio // July 25, 2018

Tinley Park, Illinois // July 26, 2018

AND, you can keep up with my travels on twitter if you'd so like!

With all of this, I wanted to share what I am most excited about for tour, considering I leave in FOUR DAYS.

F O U R.

I can't stop talking about it, honestly.

I have never been so excited for anything in my entire life.

Lyssa, my tour buddy and closest friend, and I have soundcheck passes for our first two tour stops, AND we have our signs and maps set to hold up high for him to spot out. We finally got our parking passes and our hotels are booked.

I am basically an embodiment of that Tyler the Creator tweet that says "this is all I'm going to be talking about for the next week." I am that tweet for the next two weeks.

I am partially mad Mr. Christian Tierney will not be joining Mr. Horan on tour, because I was really looking forward to playing "Spot the Christian" during the show, but I'll have to suffer in silence, I suppose. (I'm kidding, most of Twitter is suffering with me).

I will (hopefully) be meeting my "best friend" Miss Tara Cassandro, Niall's assistant, on tour. I am determined to get a picture with her, too. After all, we are Twitter best friends, so it has to happen. You won't be able to name a more iconic duo.

Anyways, I am very excited to see my best friend.

Hug my best friends.

Meet my best friends.

It's all happening.

When ...