My Visit to the Vegan Chain Restaurant By CHLOE. in NYC

My Visit to the Vegan Chain Restaurant By CHLOE. in NYC

The incredible food, pleasing aesthetic and contemporary atmosphere combine for a fantastic experience!


This hip food establishment serves VEGAN FOOD. I was extremely excited to try out almost everything on the menu. They do breakfast in some locations and brunch on weekends until 4:00 pm. Chloe's has everything. They have burgers, a meatball sub, salads, fries, pasta, mac & cheese, dips, soup, smoothies, a large array of desserts, vegan treats for your pup, their own gum, tee shirts, aprons, hats, and pins. All cruelty-free and vegan!

As I entered, I was welcomed by a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. A restaurant can be swarmed with the smells of different seasonings and that specific fried potato perfume without having rotting meat slapped on the grill with it. The workers were helpful and kind, it can be a little overwhelming tackling the large menu for the first time and weeding out what my stomach is grumbling for.

My girlfriend decided to get the Pesto Meatball. This delectable sandwich came with Italian meatballs (PORTOBELLO + VEGGIE), marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, almond parm, all on a potato sub roll. We also got the Mac 'N Cheese, Avocado Pesto Pasta, and I had to try out their french fries, given my current addiction to the salty fried potato sticks.

Pesto Meatball with Mac 'N Cheese from by CHLOE. in NYCInstagram - @baileyjeanfit

This meatball sub had my mouth watering as they called my name from the front counter to signify my order was ready. Chloe's pesto meatball looks like an elevated vegan version of the modern classic. The seasonings, sauces, and cheeses take the sandwich to the next level. As I crunched into this pesto meatball for my first bite, the sweet peppers help to balance out the seasonings in the meatballs. They also add a second crunch. The first crunch being the bread this deliciousness is being hugged with. I thought the cashew mozz was cheesy, the almond parm looks very much like parm and adds a nutty component to the dish.

Mac 'N Cheese from by CHLOE. in NYCInstagram - @baileyjeanfit

I have become more and more of a mac 'n cheese enthusiast as the years pass. I have tried pretty much every vegan mac there is, from boxed to made from scratch. My experiences have taught me that toppings make the mac 'n cheese dish stand out. With Chloe's mac, I took a big bite of crisp shitake bacon, almond parm, and their creamy sweet potato - cashew cream sauce. From the first bite to the last, I had a smile on reaching from ear to ear. The pasta was slightly al dente, which I personally believe is the best way to eat pasta, the bacon was crisp and seasoned well, and most importantly, the cheese was gooey and creamy. This mac 'n cheese competes with the best of them. Go give it a try!

Original French Fries and Pesto Avocado Pasta w/ Beet Ketchup and Chipotle Sauce from by CHLOE. in NYC@baileyjeanfit

I will say this for the rest of my days, whoever invented sauces for food is a genius. These fries are not the most gourmet thing I have ever eaten, but paired with Chloe's housemade dipping sauces, I can't get enough of them. The red is a beet ketchup that honestly tastes like ketchup but the beets add a little bit of a sweeter taste. The orange is their chipotle sauce which is the first vegan sauce I have come across that tastes like honey mustard. My eyes lit up as the taste hit my tongue. The chipotle added a level of heat that matched the level of sweetness the beet ketchup had. by CHLOE. balances their foods very well. There isn't too much of one element that isn't matched with a counterpart.

The concept of balance is also evident in the pesto avocado pasta. There are three halves of cherry tomato to top off the pasta. The tomatos were my favorite part of the dish. They added a burst of freshness to even out the creamy avocado sauce. I also enjoyed the shape of the pasta as it varied from the shells that the mac is made from.

My first experience at by CHLOE. will certainly not be my last. The food combined with the decor and the hip atmosphere adds up to an amazing and memorable trip. I love the number of things they have on their menu, the fact that they serve breakfast until 4:00 pm on weekends, and that they have their own gum. If you don't live in New York, don't worry. They have a number of locations sprouting up around the states and Europe. Whether you are in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, or London, make sure you stop in to try something at by CHLOE! All vegan and cruelty-free. Support your local vegan chefs.

Visit their website here:

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I Ranked 11 Fast-Food  Fries From Worst To Best, And Mickey D's DIDN'T Win

Going from worst to best, here is my controversial opinion on fast food fries, and no McDonald's is not the best.


I firmly believe that nobody hates fast food, and the people that say they do are lying. These people do not mean that they hate the taste of the food but the repercussions of eating it, the consequences that one faces with the calorie intake or the intestinal issues lying ahead. Fast food, no matter how disgusting it makes you feel after, is delicious, especially the fries.

So, here is a ranking of the 11 fast food fries entirely based off of my opinion only, hence its controversy. There are some disgusting fries on this list in my opinion.

However, keep in mind that my definition of "disgusting" in this instance is that I would most likely still eat them if they were offered to me.

Steak and Shake (Dishonorable Mention)


These thin pieces of cardboard potatoes can't even make it to number 10 on this ranking. One of my roommates loves these fries, and, just like Steak and Shake, she has garbage taste.

10. Burger King

Wikimedia Commons

I don't even know what to write for this one. No one cares, Burger King. You bore me. Next!

9. Dairy Queen

Wikimedia Commons

You go to Dairy Queen for blizzards, milkshakes, sundaes, but NEVER french fries.

8. Rally's


These fries looks beautifully seasoned, but in reality they taste mediocre, hence their mediocre ranking.

7. Raising Cane's WITHOUT the sauce


What. Is. THE POINT?

6. McDonald's

Wikimedia Commons

I am underwhelmed, McDonald's. I always have been. I always will be. You're fine, but I am just not McLovin' it.

5. Raising Cane's WITH the sauce

Wikimedia Commons

YES. Dip the fries in the Cane's sauce. Forget about McDonald's.

4. Chick-Fil-A

Wikimedia Commons

These are delicious and have a fun shape, but I still do not believe they deserve the best spot at slot 10. Come at me.

3. Five Guys


These fries are so greasy and awesome. You can slather them in vinegar, which not everybody loves, but I do! And this is my controversial ranking, so...

2. Wendy's

Wikimedia Commons

These fries taste likes real potatoes. French fries = potatoes. I am sorry, but McDonald's has got nothing on these perfect, fried slices of ACTUAL potato on Wendy's menu.

1. Arby's


Beautifully seasoned and beautifully curly... Arby's has the best fries. @ me, I dare you.

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Sugar: Destroyer Of Worlds

How getting glucose out of my life kept me from being overweight, groggy, and unhappy.


In the ninth grade, I used to stand sideways and look in the mirror every night before I got in the shower. I saw this huge slope where my stomach sat, taunting me and making me think less of myself. I decided that action was necessary and I looked for the best possible routes with dieting and exercise. I began wrestling for my fitness, (which is a story in and of itself,) and looking for something to target in my diet.

I didn't know if there was a specific, but I kept thinking the majority of things in food were bad. I kept seeing all of these carb diets, fat diets, and enough other diets to fill up an article on their own. After doing some research on this one afternoon after practice, I walked downstairs and grabbed a Snicker's bar. They've always been my favorite, and it hit me in the face as I stood there eating it that this was the enemy that I needed to target.

Glucose is sugar. Your body needs some to function, and in the average person, that "some" is thirty-seven grams per day. It is actually pretty difficult to keep your daily sugar intake below that number due to the fact that just about everything we eat or drink has much more sugar than we realize. I ordered a smoothie recently and checked the nutrition facts afterward only to find out that it had eighty-eight grams of sugar. That is well over double what my body needed to take in. As you can imagine, I haven't been back for another.

Glucose can attack the waistline after being transferred to fat once you've taken in more than your daily allowance. Even worse, Fructose is non-existent in the natural environment, so your body doesn't know how to process it, turning all of it directly into fat. Possibly worse than all of the facts presented previously, sugar is quite possibly the least regulated addictive substance and is said to be more addictive than cocaine. So what did all of this mean to me?

I realized that I had to throw it out. The whole idea behind wrestling is to lose weight while retaining muscle so that you can wrestle in a lighter weight class while remaining strong. So, naturally, the victim in the purge of weight would have to be fat. I realized that all of my extra weight was coming from candy, soda, and other sweets, so I decided to go on a cleanse.

Only a week in, I began to notice the difference. I felt more alert, less sluggish, and better prepared to start my day and last throughout it. I didn't feel like I needed it, but the addictive qualities definitely echoed to me when I walked past a Recce's cup in the grocery store or a Coke down the soda aisle. It had a grip for sure, but I had it under control. I was dropping weight extremely quickly with the intensity of my workouts increasing and the strictness of my diet following with it, and I felt fantastic. I had lost almost forty pounds and was in the greatest shape of my life.

Why tell all of this?

Sometimes, we need help in realizing what the problem is. I wish I had found an article when I was in the eighth grade or seventh grade that really put into perspective how dangerous sugar was, but I didn't, and I began to show that I hadn't. I realized that I was in desperate need of a change, and while I still have a milkshake every now and again, I try and keep the anti-sugar regime at an all-time strong every day and constantly strive towards being better.

If you have yet to try breaking off sugar, do it. It makes a world of difference. It also takes time and patience, so don't expect to see results right away. The very famous Hugh Jackman says "seventy percent of the way you look is what you eat," and I believe there's more than truth to that statement. Find your enemy, cut it loose, and stick with your plan. You'll see results, and fast. Do it while you still can.

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