It's Time To Acknowledge That Bullying Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Everyone has their own beliefs. People will discriminate and bully if things aren't the way they see them in their eyes. We are in the 21st century in the year 2019 and people are still committing suicide because they are being bullied for who they are. This honestly goes back to the way people are raised and the people you hang around.

I'm sorry but if you just hate all the time then you need to reevaluate your life because going through life hating is just sad to see when there is so much more to love and care about

I get on Instagram and I see that a little boy has committed suicide. Not just anybody, this is a 15-year-old black gay male who has taken his life because of bullies. To start off this little boy already has to watch his back because he is a male and black for the matter and he came out at such a young age which makes him even bigger a target with the world that we live in today. This boy's name is Nigel Shelby. An interview with People Magazine's Robyn Merrett the mother of Nigel, Camika said she "had no idea her son would take his own life." "I'm kind of confused myself as to exactly what made him want to take his own life. I didn't think he was going through that much. I knew he was depressed, we were going to see doctors… I'm still shocked."

"He was struggling with his identity… depression is real — it's really a disease," Camika said.

"When you have a kid that's already depressed and going through a lot emotionally for you to call him names that you shouldn't call them or say stuff to them — it sometimes has a worse effect than it would on a child who's not struggling with depression," she said of the homophobic bullying.

No parent should ever go through the heartbreak of having to bury their own child. If you have to go to the length of making someone feel bad about who THEY are, how THEY express themselves and they bother you THAT much to the point you wake up and go to school to repeatedly bully someone over and over again then there is something wrong. Once again it has a lot to do with how some kids are raised but then again it can be who people hang out with and the influence they carry on other people. My deepest condolences go out to this family and they are in my prayers.

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