Maybe We Should Just Build A Wall Over The White House

There's so many reasons why the idea of building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a bad idea. If Donald Trump continues to go through with this, things will only go from bad to worse.

While Trump thinks building the wall will help stop illegal crossing of the border, he's clearly not thinking about other problems. The wall will put a major strain on our relationship with Mexico and other countries. It will put a stop to trading and being allies with this country.

The cost to build the wall will also be a major problem. While it may possibly decrease illegal crossing of the border it definitely will not stop it. For that reason we should come up with other ideas to fix the problem and take all of the money needed for the wall and put it to use for other important problems in the United States. For instance the Flint water crisis is still a big problem. We should be making sure that the people of Flint have clean water before we use all of that money on unnecessary things.

Trump plans to use U.S. tax dollars to pay for the wall and says that Mexico will pay the money back. The former President of Mexico has already made it more than clear that, that will never happen. Since Trump doesn't pay taxes, why doesn't he just put his own money up for the wall?

The idea of building a wall between Mexico and the United States is just an overall bad idea. A lot of things that Trump is coming up with seems like it will cause a lot of problems for our country down the line. It will be a lot more beneficial for Americans if there were a wall built around the white house for the next four years instead.

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