I'm A Buffalonian, NOT A New Yorker
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I'm A Buffalonian, NOT A New Yorker

I'm A Buffalonian, NOT A New Yorker

Recently, I went to a Bills vs Jets game in New Jersey. Over the normal chatter that I got for being a Bills fan in an opposing stadium, one statement really caught me off guard. The Jets fan behind me said, “Buffalo Bills fans are fake New Yorkers”. While that statement made me furious and he seemed a bit ignorant considering they were playing in New Jersey, I realized he was true. Buffalonians are NOT New Yorkers. We are louder, prouder, and way better! Being a Buffalonian is distinguished by certain factors that only we, as Buffalonians, can truly understand.

We are the only true NFL team located in New York State.

On a Sunday morning, we get up at 6 AM just to tailgate and watch the Buffalo Bills play, snow, rain, or hail, win or lose. Being a proud fan is all that matters.

All of Buffalo now hates Bon Jovi because he tried to move OUR team and LOVES the Pegulas. They basically run our town.

No matter how long we do not make the Superbowl or playoffs for, our fans are still diehard. The best fans in the League. And the drunkest.

We like our wings sloppy. And we can only eat the wings in Buffalo. We have Duff’s and Anchor Bar, the two best.

Buffalonians do not understand everyone else’s obsession with Dunkin’ Donuts because we have Tim Horton’s. If you move away, you will forever crave their coffee and Timbits.

We understand the enjoyment of sponge candy, beef on weck, and beer tents.

There’s pop in Buffalo, not soda. You will be made fun of if you call it soda.

I firmly stand by the fact that we have the best food in the world.

Food Trucks, food trucks, and did I mention food trucks?

Our city smells like Cheerios. Thank you general Mills.

We have a gorgeous NEW Canalside, with First Niagara Center, where the World Junior Hockey Championships were held and the 2016 Hockey Draft is taking place and AMAZING concerts every week in the summer.

No other city can drink until 4AM in high heels and skirts in two feet of snow.

No matter where else you go, you will never meet people so friendly, or meet best friends wasted in a bathroom of a dirty bar.

Buffalo is the only city that can go from 75 and sunny one day to three feet of snow and 20 degrees the next.

What other city do you get snow days built in to your school days?

But most importantly we are the City of Good Neighbors. A city I have learned to love, despite our flaws. A city I am proud to say that I am from, and I will never let anyone call me a “New Yorker” again.

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