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To The Brutally Honest Professor Who Motivated Me To Follow My Passions

I went in for office hours seeking help on an assignment, but left with motivation to set myself apart from my peers.

Bennett Yoc

I found myself in a small cramped office filled with books everywhere with a professor I haven't met before, for an online class, telling me that I need to differentiate myself from the rest of my peers. Most business majors at my school are in some sort of business-related club, have volunteer experience, an internship, a certain GPA, or have traveled abroad. I feel this is common across all universities. He told me to do something that will deviate myself from the average since most resumes end up looking the same. I immediately responded by saying that I have recognized this pattern among college students and I have been trying to find ways to set myself apart from the rest, but the idea hasn't come yet. He said it's very simple to do so, but don't take a guess at it.

On the walk back to my apartment I was so determined to find that one thing that will bring a splash of color to my resume. Unfortunately, the answer didn't come for days, but it gradually dawned on me. I was going about it all wrong. I was searching on YouTube and Google for ideas on what I should do, listening to what others had to say. When I should have been listening to what my heart had to say. No matter if it was related to my major or not. It's scary to think about, but I know that in the end, everything will work itself out since my heart will be vested in it.

To those who are reading this. If you find yourself in a situation like myself, realizing the normalcy around you, and you're unsatisfied; I recommend finding a way to silence all the noise around you that is stopping you from finding YOUR splash of color. In that silence, listen to what your gut is telling you, it can be scary, but remember that this is your life! You are the director of your movie. It will be scary to take the first step away from the norm, but once you start doing whatever you decided on, I promise you will feel incredible since you are doing what makes YOU happy.

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