The Broke College Student's Guide To Traveling The World For Less

Are you tired of staring down the same roads, reading the same signs, and visiting the same shops and businesses of your little college town? Do you want to experience different cultures, eat strange foods and see all the wonders of the world? Of course, you do! But how could you afford to do so on a college student's budget? I'm going to tell you how it's possible to be in college and still afford a trip as grand as a 30-day stay in multiple countries in Europe. Worried you won't even be able to pay for a weekend trip away from the stresses of daily life? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

As someone who personally loves to get out of the town they're from, I've done my research on the most affordable traveling options for the average broke college student. And now, I'm willing to share my knowledge with you! Here are some super affordable ways to travel the world on a college student's budget:

1. EF College Break Tours

EF College Break is a company that offers people from the ages 18-28 the experience of a lifetime! Whether it's Europe, Thailand, Peru, and more, these tours are super affordable! They have great payment plans that allow you to pay the trip off in full before you leave! You even get a tour guide, transportation services, plane tickets, hostels and hotels, and free breakfast included in your plan! Another plus, you have free time to spend without the group and go wherever you choose!

2. Contiki Tours

Similar to EF College Break tours, if you travel with a Contiki Tour, you're getting a super cheap price to visit almost anywhere in the world! You get breakfast, lodging, transportation and lots of free time to do as you wish!

3. Study Abroad

This is the perfect option if you dorm at your college. For most universities, studying abroad roughly equals the same price of tuition and housing for the average semester. If you're going to spend all of that money during the semester anyway, why not spend it abroad?

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to get to see the world while also making a difference! You can fight to end world hunger while meeting exotic animals for the first time, or teach children how to read during the day while enjoying the diverse city life at night! Here is an article that provides links to the best volunteer abroad programs of 2017.

5. Apply for International Internship

Spend the summer talking about politics in London, help discover a new species in the jungle, figure out the best business strategies while staring out a Parisian window. See if your college offers any programs first, but if they don't then check out this website full of international opportunities!

6. Stay in Hostels

If you decide to plan a trip on your own, save some money by staying in hostels. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Hostels are gross, they're dirty..ew..." But that is not always the case! With anything you decide to spend your money on, do some research. Find the best-rated hostels in your area, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Here is a general article on how to make and save extra money!

Happy travels!

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