11 Reasons Why Traveling Makes Us One With The World
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11 Reasons Why Traveling Makes Us One With The World

Traveling is like taking a stroll with the world by your side!

11 Reasons Why Traveling Makes Us One With The World

1.) Life is short, but our reach is long!

One of the most common regrets of the dying is their lack traveling. I get it, being frugal is important, but so is living; don't be like Scrooge and horde your cash, use it for a stash of experiences and memories in life. Nothing is guaranteed so live life through your heart but being rash is not the goal either.

2.) You learn more walking 1,000 miles than reading 1,000 books.

If reading up on a place doesn't tickle your fancy it's okay. Think of it as a foundation for the actual thing when traveling to a place! Words regarding the geography, or history of, let's say Easter Island is informative but picture the giant heads in their glory--what have they seen, heard, experienced since being built? Take yourself out of the box and make the world your classroom; history, economics, sociology, politics, and geography beyond a four-cornered classroom.

3.) Independence is your new companion.

Traveling as a young adult is much different than the generic happy-go-lucky trip to Disney filled to the brink with imagination and our greatest fantasies in the flesh. As great as it is to live under a roof with a caretaker; they will not be with you forever and this is a great step into adulthood as real-life situations aid in the improvement of street smarts, intrapersonal skills, and interpersonal skills, as well as organizational skills.

4.) It cost's how much?!

Travel young because it teaches frugality and budget-consciousness. Most young people leave traveling simmering on account of the belief of the venture being a costly endeavor; there are plethoras of travel blogs that help make the process of information seeking more of a breeze than stormy sailing for learning the world on a budget. So spend more time enjoying the trip there, and actually being present instead of hiding behind technology and transparent of the blissful lessons to learn.

5.) Make friends in every corner of the world.

Traveling at a younger age allows for more opportunities that to make more friends and connect on various and endless occasions. social networks. What is better than truly getting to know somebody in their own native land; learning another language, or at least practicing a language and familiarizing oneself with a different culture? Possibly traveling with said person and forming an affinity that can lead to relationships or better places to sleep during future trips.

A great decision would be looking into the application Backpackr if connecting with fellow travelers going your way appeals to you. Meeting other travelers and locals on the way to your next destination is an interesting way to broaden our social networks and unite every nation into one world.

6.) You're only young once, so use it or lose it!

Sadly, not everyone can say they tied balloons to their house and sought the unknown they yearned to see. The spine-tingling exploits like cliff diving, wicked hikes, zorbing, or even a simple walk in another country are sometimes put off or ignored altogether. There is no better time than now to do something before life passes by and leaves you in the dust filled with regret. There are people who are alive, and those who truly live; find a balance and set loose those balloons of adventure.

7.) Inspiration is around every corner.

Traveling, especially while young and much more pliable somehow affects us in ways that permit influential experiences. Confronting people, cultures, and philosophies different from your own enables one to listen to tales that offer outlooks into a consciousness of mind blowing proportions. In point of information, someone may even enter your life that permits a metamorphosis of sorts.

8.) Ah, climate change...

Living in a time where the global effects of pollution and the accurate finding regarding the warming of the earth. Today's severe weather patterns are slowly, yet rapidly making places disappear as punishment for our negligence; the Maldives is one example of this. Before it's too late, definitely add these places to the "visit" bucket list; for they surely will disappear in our lifetime.

9.) Nothing can hold you back

Now is the time where we are truly making and finding our mark in this bittersweet world of ours; etching our initials into the stone for generations to see. When we finally become full-fledged adults and if fates permit it, parenthood, a plethora of heavy tasks such as working for a living, mortgage, even balancing stress.

With that said, the younger years usually have less room for things that hinder exploration and appreciated the world before waking up and smelling the coffee is only to get us out of bed and to work. Lots of places offer discounted rates for students and youthful travelers for cultured places like museums or fun sites like parks.

10.) Food...a tasteful lesson!

Food is always an exciting part of traveling and exploring other cultures; especially during our younger years and metabolism means nothing. Indulge in the opportunity to eat as much foreign food; and if you are legal where you come from and in the country being visited, feel free to savor some alcohol and develop your palate as well as your soul. Become a connoisseur of sorts.

11.) Stories and memories to share.

Though there are plenty of methods saving money while seeing the world; there are many methods in earning a paycheck during your adventure in finding the Earth's hidden beauty. Being from the states makes you as a traveler more marketable for a slew of job opportunities: namely as someone who teaches English, blogging or writing about experiences, to working as a waiter or sharing your talent with passer-byes in the square. Moreover, an endless supply of stories to share in your mental bookshelf with future bosses, interpersonal relationships, and really anyone who is willing to listen to your interpretation of the oral tradition.

"Expedia" is one website to plan a getaway, and it is highly rated and quite easy to use. Comparing prices and even creating your own profile filled with high-quality hotels, destinations and inexpensive packages helps make the process much easier to plan. Trekeffect is another free option to consider; it is a route planner that definitely makes travel planning a no brainer--a great chance to seek and earn some money while overseas or at home as an added bonus. Check it out and make the world your campus!

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