Confessions Of A Broke College Student
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Student Life

Confessions Of A Broke College Student

"Is there a student discount?"

Confessions Of A Broke College Student

Hi, I am a college student, and I have a problem. I'm broke; not physically, a little emotionally, but more than anything, financially. As college students, we're all in this broke struggle together, and if you're not, then you're either lying to yourself or you are one lucky son of a b*tch.

Who doesn't love college? Paying thousands of dollars to spend your days in class, your nights working, and then spending whatever time you have left doing schoolwork. Yes, yes, it is tons of fun. What's the most fun is having a job and somehow never having any money, or being more confident in checking your failed chemistry exam than your bank account.

You will eat just about anything.

You're so low on cash that you learn to just eat what's in your kitchen, which is more than likely some old beer and a jar of peanut butter, but you can't afford groceries, so it'll do. How are you supposed to get in all the required daily servings if you only have half a bag of Doritos? Befriend a freshman to use their mean plan is my suggestion.

There's nothing you hate more than the first of the month.

Bills on bills on bills. There's nothing broke college students hate more than the beginning of the month, when all of the bills are due. So much for pay day, there goes my paycheck, and I'll use the leftover $8 on a Chipotle burrito.

While you should be more rational with your money you start to become more irrational.

You are so low on money that you would rather go out on the town and drink away your broke problems than stay in and face that reality.

Target is your worst nightmare.

How can such a glorious place be so detrimental to your wallet?

Money is a sensitive topic.

You're broke, duh. You're probably going to cry when you have to pay your bills, and that's okay. But when you see a lame student group passing out free t-shirts you will knock someone over to make sure you get one, because you can't afford new clothes.

Your heart breaks every time you swipe your debit card.

Nothing takes more of a toll on a person than swiping a debit card and thinking about how, after this transaction, you might need to break into the whole $25 you have in your savings.

You thought a credit card would be a good idea for some reason.

Card declined. Well, great, that's another bill I'll have to pay at the beginning of the month.

You "Netflix and Chill" more than the average person.

Mainly because this is the only thing you can actually afford to do. Yeah, I am broke, but no, I will not sacrifice my Netflix account, no matter how financially unstable I am.

You have actually said, "I'll just take out another loan."

I can handle more debt in my future if that means more Thirsty Thursdays and pizza.

You have researched high-earning careers that don't require college.

Because dropping out of school sounds ideal when you're in a 10 foot deep hole of student debt.

These are just a few things we broke college students must confess so that we can better ourselves. That is the upside to being broke; learning how to better manage your money. But hey, you can just put those new financial skills to use when you're ready. College will end eventually, and hopefully then we'll have careers that will help us save rather than spend. But until then, just binge watch Netflix and order yourself that large pizza.

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