For some, breaking the fast (breakfast) can seem like more of a hassle than something to look forward to. In my case, I end each day thinking that the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can wake up and have breakfast!

I believe that breakfast should be the biggest (and not the worst) meal of the day because of its vital role in fueling our bodies, revving up our metabolism and providing happiness by way of food. And like I always say, good food = good mood.

However, breakfast hasn't always been a highlight of my day. Growing up, breakfast was a battle between me and my parents. I felt that cereal was boring and a plain piece of toast was simply unsatisfying. Isn't bread merely a vehicle for other delicious foods and spreads to land on? I wondered.

The more I traced my transformation, I realized that the switch occurred when I began eating breakfasts worth waking up to. Here are some ideas to get your gears turning and your stomach's rumbling:

1. Sow your oats

Let's talk about oatmeal. It's quick, easy, fortifying and essentially a blank canvas for a myriad of possibilities. Throw some canned pumpkin, bananas and cinnamon in for a fall-filled flavor or try using a coconut, dairy or almond milk to make a good breakfast great!

2. The usual

You guessed it folks, a classic, simple staple: eggs and toast! Nothing more, nothing less but absolutely a breakfast worth waking up for.

3. The kick Hass toast

Dive into the wondrous world of avocados (more specifically, Hass avocados). There are endless breakfast possibilities when it comes to this lean, green, disease-fighting machine. I've found that one of the easiest ways to incorporate avocados into your breakfast is on toast or with eggs. ...You had me at 'avo.'

4. Shaken and stirred

Not hungry enough for The Usual but still looking for a quick, stealthy source of protein? Get to scramblin', 007.

5. This. Breakfast. Is. No. Yolk.

All 'yolks' aside... Egg white scrambles are a fantastic way to start the day. Toss in some spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado to go from bland to glam.

6. All the almond butter

I. Love. Nut Butters. Almond butter might as well be the glue that holds me together. Smeared on whole grain toast, topped with bananas, cinnamon and a crunch of granola, this almond butter breakfast might make you an advocate of almonds too.

7. Pop, lox and drop it

How do you keep someone from stealing your toast? Put some 'lox' on it so it won't get away...

If you pair lox this with an avocado/egg, you'll be swimming like a salmon in a sea of omega-3s.

8. EU've gotta try this

One of my favorite ways to start the day is to do as the Europeans do: by snacking on some fruit, cheese, meats and honey. Take a bite here, spread some cheese there, enjoy the art of breakfast.