Let's Break Away From Basic Spring Breaks
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Let's Break Away From Basic Spring Breaks

Find something that makes you happy over spring break!

Let's Break Away From Basic Spring Breaks
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It's that infamous time again, spring break. The time when everyone feels summer break is approaching and the weather is starting to warm up. People are excited to take advantage of the long break ahead and catch some much-needed R&R.

I always felt this pressure when spring break hit to go to the beach. Everyone was looking at beach houses and planning the perfect trip with all of their closest friends. I felt I had to find a group to go or try and plan my own trip somewhere because everyone wanted to go to the beach. If I wanted to hang out with the majority of my friends, there was a good chance they were going to the beach.

But there was always this thought in the back of my mind, do I really want to even go to the beach? The spring of my senior year I was out with my cousins at dinner and one of them said, the beach is overrated! Don't go if you don't want to!

The more I thought about it, I was happier to travel somewhere else even if it meant I was not chilling in the sand. My spring break senior year actually had me in the snow as I hiked through the Tetons and explored snow-capped mountains. I loved it, and never got bored. I was not at the beach and felt like I was having more fun than just going to the beach.

Don't get me wrong, I love the beach, the wild seagulls, and the salty air. But, usually during spring the water is still cold, there is still a slight chill in the air and the most you can do is tan in the sand on a towel.

You can explore local shops and eat at new, yummy restaurants, but couldn't you explore a new city or town with the same adventure without the beach? Sometimes the beach can turn into a party atmosphere, and for a girl that would rather not partake and ditch the sweaty, sloppy crowd, I will choose another city to explore.

Or, I will visit a good friend who has been wanting to see me. I want to make my break count and even though I am missing the big beach trip, I will find happiness and meaning in whatever else I do. I don't want to worry about going on a crash diet or finding the perfect suit because bathing suit shopping stinks..especially when you have to deal with a large top!

The beach on spring break is overrated, and just because everyone else is going does not mean you have to go!

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