Taking a break in a relationship is one of those things that a lot of people do, but not many actually understand. A break definitely falls into the relationship gray area. The problem with breaks is that no one ever set a standard for what it means. You see, with a breakup, it's clear that you're over. It's completely valid to see other people and be with other people so long as it's what makes you happy. A break on the other hand really just opens the door for more confusion, more fights, and more drama.

When someone says that they want a break, what they're actually saying is they are ready to end the relationship, they just don't really know how to say it.

A break typically is meant to give two people separation when they feel like they are growing apart and spending more time unhappy then happy, but if you're already that unhappy, separation probably isn't going to magically make the problems go away. If anything, this break is going to allow for you two to grow in ways that don't involve the other person and create an even bigger wedge. Actively dealing with issues will certainly save a relationship more often than taking a break will.

Besides the inevitable growing apart, breaks allow for a lot of boundaries to be crossed such as sleeping with other people. If you're taking a break and you or your partner are going to see other people, do yourself the favor ahead of time and cut off the relationship before more feelings are hurt. If the so-called break doesn't have set expectations for it, then it surely is more of a break up than it is a break.

At the end of the day, a break it a bandaid over an open wound. It's not always going to stop anything from hurting and it certainly isn't going to fix anything in the relationship. If it's space that you are needing in a relationship, then take the space for yourself, but this so-called break is a dramatic label that truly is not a real thing.

If you're going to take a break with no intention of still working on your problems, save yourself the time and energy and call it quits. No one ever said that you can't get back together with this person later down the road if you break up. Give both of yourselves time to grow and develop in the ways that both you and they deserve. Trust me, it will save a lot of heartache in the short term.