I have been a Fitbit user for about 4 years now. I wasn't sure if it was really going to work at first, but I quickly learned that that band around my wrist really did motivate me to move more! It made me want to reach 10,000 steps each day. Even if the step counter isn't 100% accurate I think the fact that it makes me want to be more active in general is the real benefit of a Fitbit. It's no secret that most of us don't get enough exercise. So even if my Fitbit just encourages me to take a little walk throughout the day, I think that's a win.

My favorite thing is that my Fitbit tracks my sleep. You can also use the Fitbit app to track your water intake and keep track of what you eat throughout the day. While I definitely see the benefits of tracking all of these things I can also see the danger in it.

We keep track of a lot of things in our daily lives. We keep track of time, tasks, and schedules. Our lives are basically never-ending to-do lists.

Sometimes I like to take a break from my Fitbit just so I can feel like I'm not living my life just to track it. As much as I love when I hit my step count goal, nothing beats the feeling of going on a walk just for the sake of going on a walk.

We do too much counting, tracking, and keeping score as it is so putting my Fitbit in a drawer for a day, week, even a month sometimes helps me to focus on the more important things in life. I also think taking breaks from my Fitbit helps me to not abuse the benefits of a Fitbit. It's fun to track steps and sleep, but I don't want to find myself being too caught up in the numbers.