Why It's Important To Take A Break
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Why It's Important To Take A Break

Overworking yourself can lead to a quick burnout.

Why It's Important To Take A Break

As the homework piles on and your schedule becomes increasingly chaotic, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Overworking yourself can lead to a quick burnout. Seeing as we are less than a month into the school year, it’s much too early for that. Allowing yourself short breaks will help you last longer, whether you’re cramming for a test or writing a paper.

Netflix can serve as the perfect distraction. Watching an episode of your favorite show will help get your mind off of everything you have to do. Now, I’m not saying you should spend four hours binge-watching “The Office” or spend all day having a scary movie marathon. However, catching an episode or two might be just the break you need. Even though it’ll be extremely tempting, control yourself and don’t continuously click “next episode.” You do have to finish your work at some point.

Music is incredibly powerful and can instantly change your mood. If you’re having trouble staying awake, play an upbeat tune to keep you going. If you need to take a breather and close your eyes for a minute, put on some Jack Johnson. For a moment, you’ll feel as though you’re lying out on a beach in Hawaii, when in reality, you are in bed with four textbooks and a study guide sitting right next to you. Warning: If you’re going to close your eyes for a little while, you might want to set an alarm, just to be safe.

Go outside. Grab a friend, head out the door and take in some fresh air. Having a change of scenery will allow you to clear your head. By the time you get back to your assignments, you’ll feel refreshed, energized and ready to crank them out.

You’ve been cooped up in your room all day. No matter how much work you’ve completed, it still doesn't feel like a dent has been made. You don’t have time to get ready and leave your room, but it would be nice to have a little human interaction. A phone call could be exactly the kind of break you need. Whether you call your parents, your grandparents or your best friend, a little conversation could provide you with the enthusiasm to keep on going.

If you really have too much to do and can’t afford to take a break, grab yourself a study snack. Hot tea can do wonders. and will help you relax while continuing to take care of business. Feeding your stomach is just as important as feeding your mind. If your stomach is growling uncontrollably, you’ll be distracted and won’t be able to put your all into your work.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty when you need a break. You may think you can push through hours upon hours of assignments. However, you will not be able to perform at your highest level after reading 200 pages of your textbook, studying for a test, and taking care of three other assignments. Take a few breaks here and there to keep you refreshed and ready to conquer the next task at hand.

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