Brandon: My First Roommate

Meet Brandon:

Where do I even start? Brandon is the sweetest, best burger making, amazing first roommate ever. That's right, even though Nancy is my roommate Brandon was my first roommate.

It all happened when I arrived the first night in Denmark. It was dark at 4:00 PM and I was in a lonely hallway of a dorm room that would one day hold 68 students. I walked into the kitchen to eat my dinner, Danish bread with Philadelphia cream cheese when I saw the back of the head of the first housemate I would meet. I shuffled my feet towards the fridge and opened it loudly, then I turned to say hello. Nothing happened, I was afraid the rest of my experience here would be that way when suddenly Brandon, a little bit startled, turned around and took out his headphones. We introduced ourselves and realize that we were both from the US, he's from New York and I'm from Georgia, We bonded over the differences that we had seen so far, we proceeded to share Danish bread and Philadelphia cream cheese while new people began to trickle into the room. That was also the first night I met Macke! After talking for a while with everyone Brandon told us that he forgot to sign up for a buddy at school so no one was there to pick him up from the airport and hand him the housing packet, meaning he did not have a key to his room and his room hadn't arrived yet. I was tempted to offer him Nancy's bed for the night but I was afraid he turn out to be a lunatic so I held on to the information about a spare bed until the very end of the night. At that point we had all talked about our hometowns, our families, our friends and so much more that I decided Brandon deserved a bed that night. That's the story of how I got my first roommate, shut out to Nancy for being cool about a stranger sleeping in her bed before her!

The best thing about Brandon, however, is that he is a pool of optimism. If you need anything to be put in perspective you can go to him and he'll give you a positive outlook in even the worst situations. Thanks, Brandon, I love you tons!

Meet My Other Housemates:

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