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Scene Idea

It is a late September evening with a fall breeze, scented with roses and lilacs (research fall flowers), that makes me cozy up to my favorite blanket. The sky reminds me of my past life, where the lights were minimal, and the atmosphere was littered with millions of twinkling stars. The moon was a bright crimson that cast its reflection over the gentle waves lapping at the foot of the beach. Beautiful I thought.

The breeze had begun to pick up which caused a certain mouthwatering aroma to fill my nose. I took a slow, deep breath and stood up.

"Something is wrong," I said as I took another whiff as to pinpoint the bleeder's location. In an instant, I was speeding in the direction of the accident.

They have been together (married) for ten years, but for the past few years, things have not been that great. Over the course of time, they realized that they just grew apart. But, in the course of those few years of growing apart, she became close to someone close to him. A brother, cousin, etc. She has no kids and is a Fiction Editor. Her husband is a surgeon. The guy she fell in love with is....?? (something that makes decent money).

Maybe a Stockbroker or dentist or a doctor that worked in the same building/hospital her husband performs his surgeries in

Another Scene Idea (Cleo thinking back or her past):

Growing up in a small town (need to pick one) everyone knew everyone's business. No wonder my parents divorced. Everyone worried about everyone else, and no respect for personal space. I used to ignore it when I was younger, but the older I get, the more I am seeing I am way more mature than the adults in our town.

Luke and Laura, the twins, went to live with Grandma when our parents split up. Mom and Dad didn't want them to hear the criticism the town had placed on our parents for splitting up, but in reality, it was the same criticism that made them split in the first place.

They wanted me to go live with them as well, but I wanted to be there to show my parents love and support they needed. Maybe I could get them back together if they focused on themselves instead of being worried about what the neighbors said.

Now, I am not exactly sure what had been said that was so horrible they couldn't work through it, but I do recall being bullied by the kids in my school for their divorce. See, divorce happens all over, but not in (Place name of town here).

((Still figuring out what could have been said to cause this)) (Figure I am going to add to this, or you and mention how she and Katherine meet and become friends.)

Scene Idea

"Kat!" Damen bellows as a sword slid right into my gut. I gasp as blood splats out from my mouth. I whip my hands down to the sword as my eyes shoot up to Damen's. I can feel the tears forming in my eyes as I slump to the ground.

Is this it? Is this how I go out? I thought.

"D-Damen…" I mutter.

"No, Katherine…" he says as he swoops to my side.

The enemies around us began to drop like flies. ((Damen is very upset, and his powers/abilities are starting to take over))
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