If you aren't 100% comfortable with your boyfriend, then why are you still with them?

I get that at the beginning of any relationship, it can be awkward to be 100% no filter. You don't want to talk about your period, or pee in front of them. You might even be too shy to eat in front of them, too. You always show your best side with them, and you never under any circumstances talk about your bowel movements after your Taco Bell date.

However, when you've been together with your boyfriend as long as I have with mine, you should be able to be comfortable enough to be your true self around them. Then you show your girlfriends.

I'm not ashamed to say my boyfriend is my best friend. I've had so many best friends in my lifetime. They come and go. No tea or shade to them. I believe everything happens for a reason. But, my boyfriend has always been by my side. He's been there for me since day one. We spend pretty much every day together. I mean, it'd be kind of hard not to since we live together.

And yeah, we have days apart. He's in the military and I have full-time school and work. We have tons of time apart. But at the end of the day, I can count on him to listen to my 12 a.m. rants.

He's there for me when I'm happy, sad, and all the in between.

He's there for me through thick and thin, and he surprises me with food just because!

Your best friend should be your boyfriend. Not to say they should be your only best friend, but they should be just as easy to talk to as one of your girls would be.

And if they aren't? Get a new man.

Or get a puppy. They're pretty cool, too.