I Love Animals And My Boyfriend, Who Loves To 'Harvest' Animals

Dear sweetheart,

Let me start by saying you're a blessing. You have so many great qualities and characteristics that I wouldn't trade for the whole world. Loving someone is a bit a of a package deal. When you find that person you want to be with, it means sticking with them and loving everything about them; the good, the bad, the sweet, and even the annoying.

Dating a guy like you, I knew I would have to share you, not with anyone else, just with something else.


Don't get me wrong. I really don't mind that you love to hunt. I'm glad you have a passion that makes you happy. I even enjoy it a little myself, so it's something fun we can do together. Or when I just don't feel like going, it's a good thing for you to do while I maybe go do something I enjoy.

However, there are just a few annoying things about your obsession.

One of those things is calls. Duck calls. Turkey calls. Goose calls. When you walk around the house quacking while I'm trying to have a moment of peace and quiet, it makes me wonder why hunting was ever invented.

Another thing would be your excessive need to buy hunting stuff... when you have tons of it already. Every time we wander into an Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops, etc., you ramble on about how you need this new call, or decoy, or jacket... as if you don't already have 500 of them each.

Like I said, I enjoy going with you too... BUT! Getting up three hours before daylight when it's 17 degrees and 10 miles-per-hour winds just to go shoot some ducks (which I have reservations about anyways since I'm an animal-lovin' tree hugger), is just not always my cup of tea.

Regardless of how annoying your obsession can get, I am happy you have such a passion.

I love how you get so excited when I ask a question about the different types of ducks.

I love that I have an endless amount of birthday and Christmas present ideas.

I love that we can do it together.

I just love that you love it, and for that reason, I love it too.


Your not hunting-obsessed girlfriend

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