How much does a jul cost?

Dear Boy Who Juuls Beside Me in Class,

I understand that you have your nicotine needs. Sadly, so does what seems like half our campus and the guys in front of me at Kum and Go. The nicotine addiction is real, to say the least, so trust me, I understand.

There is a time and a place to Juul though.

And that place is most definitely not beside me in our entomology class. Dude, why? We're in the middle of a lecture and you're just over there puffing away and blowing smoke into your shirt. It's not helping, we can still see it my friend. Your attempts to hide your beloved Juul in your hand are also failing.

So how about we take a break?

Give your gal some time to charge, the other guy I sit next to every week can handle charging his while in class, and I believe you can too. Just plug that baby up and get ready to puff away as you head to your next class. Everybody deserves a break, including your Juul and your lungs.

So here's to you my friend, and learning to not Juul in class. May the odds (and the pods) be ever in your favor.

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