Bored In Lancaster County?
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Bored In Lancaster County?

Check out these 55 fun-filled activities!

Bored In Lancaster County?

If you live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, you've probably found yourself bored many times. Especially if you go to Millersville University. There are so many hidden gems within the county, but a lot of them are not advertised. With a little help from my high school sociology teacher and my classmates, I've compiled a list of fun things to do around the campus and county. Pack your bags and driver's license — we're going on a road trip!

Day-specific fun.

1. During the summer, tickle the ivories on a piano in Lancaster City.

2. Shop at Central Market on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

3. Go to Green Dragon on Fridays.

4. Go to Roots on Tuesdays.

5. Go to First Friday in the city.

6. Go to Second Friday in Lititz.

7. Go to Shady Maple on your birthday.

8. Visit Quarryville on February 2.

Sports-like fun.

9. Go tubing at Sickman's Mill.

10. Take a walking tour around Lancaster.

11. Bicycle the Northwest River Trail.

12. Hike in County Park.

13. Hike Tacquan Glen.

14. Hike Kelly's Run.

15. Hike Chiques Rock and watch the sunset afterwards.

16. Hike Texter Mountain.

17. Hike Horseshoe Trail.

18. Hike Governor Dick in Mount Gretna.

19. Hike the "boulders field" near Route 322.

20. Walk the grounds of Linden Hall.

21. Climb the Wall at Spooky Nook.

22. Slide down the long slide at Buchanan Park.

23. Spelunk Cold Cave.

24. Canoe on the Conestoga River.

25. Walk around Grubb Lake.

26. Walk down Locust St. in Columbia.

27. Walk down Main St. in Strasburg.

28. Walk through Cabbage Hill.

Food-like fun.

29. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Wilbur's Chocolate Factory.

30. Attend the Chocolate Walk in Lititz in October.

31. Shop at Mandros's in the City of olives and cheese.

32. Twist a pretzel at Sturgis Pretzel House.

33. Grab lunch at the Rosie Wagon in Lititz.

34. Get ice cream at Oregon Dairy.

35. Get ice cream at Pine View Dairy.

36. Get frozen yogurt.

37. Find the best BBQ in town — hint: Harvey's, Biggs, Broty's.

38. Eat breakfast at a real diner.

39. Go to a pancake breakfast at a Firehall.

40. Get a hoagie from Brunos in Lititz.

41. Pick berries at Shenks Berry Farm in Lititz.

42. Buy cup cheese, scrapple, or chow-chow from a local Amish stand.

43. Bake a shoofly pie.

44. Grab soup or a sandwich at the Pretzel Hut in Brickerville.

45. Picnic, fish, and spot deer at Muddy Run.

46. Buy "penny candy" at the Creamery in Strasburg.

Shopping fun.

47. Purchase something from a roadside stand, especially one with an honor box.

48. Play tourist on Route 30.

49. Visit the Outlets.

50. Go to Midnight Madness at the Outlets on Black Friday.

51. Go antiquing.

52. Shop at a flea market.

53. Shop at a neighborhood yard sale.

54. Buy some music at Stan's Records.

55. Shop at DogStar Books.

The list my high school teachers came up with extended past 185 things to do, so here's a small taste of the fun within Lancaster County. If you've done all of the above and still have free time, feel free to check out this website, this website, or this website. You're able to filter the fun in different ways depending on the websites. No matter what, there's always more to explore in LancCo!

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