If you are an avid reader as I am, you would have realized that the weather and season affect the kind of books you want to read. For winter or rainy nights, I do not want to read a book pack with action. I tend to yearn for more of a romance, slow spaced, somewhat tragic plot.

1. "between shades of gray" 

Author: Ruta Sepetys

Genre: Historical Fiction

Movie: YES! "Ashes in the Snow"

The title of the film was changed to avoid confusion with another film that has the words shades and gray. Ruta Sepetys is one of my favorites authors; her way of writing is so captivating that you do not realize how quick you finish her book until the last page slipped through your fingers. This book is about the harrowing life in a Soviet labor camp, told through the eyes of a 15-year-old girl, Lina Vilkas. What I like about this book is how light the reading is but the plot is massive. I highly recommend this book and also the movie (the author gave a huge approval to the successful adaptation)

2. "The Moonlit Cage"

Author: Linda Holeman

Genre: Romance novel and historical fiction

Movie: No

"The Moonlit Cage" is my always favorite book. I found a copy in one of those bookshelves that exchange books (you leave one that you do not read anymore, and take one that took your attention) when I was in 8th grade and read it in two days! What caught my attention at first was the cover, I mean look at it! The second thing that caught my attention was the title, it is very captivating. This book is about Darya life, how she went from abuse and persecution to find her peaceful ending. Another thing, this takes place in the 19th century in Afghanistan and educates the reader.

3. "The Night Circus"

Author: Erin Morgenstern

Genre: Romance novel and fantasy fiction

Movie: Not yet confirmed

This book is about a circus that disappears at dawn. That is all I can say without spoiling. I do recommend taking it easy with this book because it has multiple narrators. It does not get too confusing since the narrator lets you know its well a different narrator, but I still recommend being careful. Fun fact, this book was written during three NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! What I like about this book is that romance is not pushed into your face, instead, it slowly grows on you as it builds on the two main characters. Besides, the idea of a circus that only comes at sunset and leaves at sunrise is fantastic.

4. "Me Before You"

Author: Jojo Moyes

Genre: Romance novel

Movie: Yes

We saw the movie and cried, why not read the book and cry too? Just in case you have not seen the movie, this book is about Louisa Clark putting herself first for the first time in her life with the help of Will Traynor. The title might make you think that the journey of the main character, Louisa, is a selfish one but in reality it is not! Will Traynor helps her find who she is (cliche, I know) and forces her to go out there, out of their small town to become what she truly wanted, a fashion designer.

5. "Ugly Love"

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Romance novel

Movie: Not yet confirmed

If you've heard of this book before, good for you! If you think this is like FSOG, you're wrong! On that note, this book I recommend for 18+ readers! This book is about the complicated relationship between Tate Collins and pilot Miles Archer. They are not friends; they do not have a relationship; the only thing they have in common is their mutual attraction. However, since Miles have a tragic past, he has two rules for their hookups: 1. Never ask about the past and 2. Don't expect a future. Clear, right? Well, they start falling for each other, but a heart is broken on the way, Miles past is revealed and a brother slap some senses into his neighbor along with the old man of their apartment complex to make Miles realize what a dummy he is. Miles and Tate sound like Anastasia and Christian, no? Well, there is no contract, they do not have sex EVERYWHERE and Miles past involved the death of two people (not going to spoil more than that), instead of a tragic childhood like Christian. You might be thinking about how this book is a romance novel? "Ugly Love" is more of a modern romance novel with a little bit of cliche.