As a college student, I had absolutely zero time to read for pleasure throughout the year. Now, summer is here and I have all the time in the world to delve into stories I have read before and stories I have not read before.

Here are 5 series that are perfect for keeping you busy this summer.

1. Harry Potter

7 books. Each one is better than the last. You are taken on a journey of 7 years of Harry Potter's magical life. It is a series that will stay with me for my entire life

2. Outlander

I am currently on the second book. It. Is. So. Good. 10/10 please please read. If you love romance, suspense, adventure, and a little bit of history, this is the series for you. Travel back to 1700s Scotland for an amazing love story and adventure story.

3. Mara Dyer

This trilogy kept me on the edge of my seat and I was dying to know what was coming next. A story of good versus evil and, naturally, a little bit of romance, this is a quick, easy and perfect read for summer.

4. A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game Of Thrones)

Everyone knows the show. Now go read the books. They are pretty lengthy, but they hold so many more details and adventures than the TV show could ever have.

5. The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)

If anyone has seen the Eragon movie, DO NOT LET IT DISSUADE YOU. That movie did absolutely zero justice to the book. I was horribly disappointed after seeing it. This series has everything. It is more on the fantastical side, but each book is packed full of the best adventures.