Being a girl and loving sports is quite the task. We constantly get bombarded with trivia questions about a team or a player because some guys just can't seem to wrap their head around that a female likes sports. I, myself, am actually going to school for sports marketing, along with a minor in sports journalism. I love sports, especially basketball and football. I love the excitement and the thrill that comes with watching them.

My future career goal is to be a sports marketing manager for a professional sports team or a sports journalist for ESPN. Many always ask, "why?" or tell me, "it's a male-dominated field." Yes and? I want to help break the outdated stereotype that women don't like sports. Whenever I mention that I like sports to guys, they always laugh or act like I'm saying that to turn them on... but I'm not. I actually really do enjoy sports.

Watching sports are a big part of my family life, especially football. I was raised to lay low and keep my schedule clear every Sunday for Sunday Night Football (Go Pack Go!). As I grew older, I found an interest in college basketball because of the March Madness bracket, but soon fell in love with the NBA (#OwnTheFuture). You can always catch me having sports on the TV or checking the ESPN app frequently. But for some reason, many find that weird or surprising. Only because I'm a girl.

Often when I'm talking about sports, I'll often get the "look" from a guy and then he'll question me. Or when I'm around girls, some will even question if I'm talking about the Bucks to get those guys attention behind us. NO. Not at all! I would never try this hard to get a boys attention. I really know what I'm talking about because I really like sports. I do appreciate the days I can chill in my pajamas, order myself a pizza, kick back on the couch and turn on a game.

Nothing truly annoys me more than when a guy doesn't think I know anything about sports only because I'm a girl. Of course guys dominate the sports interest, but that doesn't mean girls don't enjoy them too. I in fact know the difference between a 2 point conversion and a field goal. I in fact know more than one player on your favorite basketball team. In fact, I probably know more than a lot of boys out there... I am going for school for this after all.

There are girls out there in the world who truly have a passion for sports like me. And if you encounter one, please don't question us because in reality, we know what we're talking about and do have the potential to out smart you about sports!