Body Shaming is Changing the World
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Body Shaming is Changing the World

Why Body Shaming is Becoming crucial

Body Shaming is Changing the World

Another BIG topic that I owe the inspiration on my Facebook friends for. Body Shaming.

Body shaming is such a big thing, and although talked a lot about, we still haven't noticed a drastic change in the biggest culprits of it all- the media.

First body shaming includes everyone. women, men, boys, girls, fat, skinny, tall, short, etc. Lately the media had shifted it's attention toward body shaming women who are "plus size" like those words aren't shaming enough, but in reality everyone will face this at some point.

It is super unrealistic how the media portrays the perfect women. With a big butt and big chest, with a tiny waist. It's basically a lose, lose situation.

If your'e to tiny you get: eat more, your'e all skin and bones.

If your'e to big you get: exercise, plus sized, and to big

The exact same thing goes for men and boys as well! The media portrays the "perfect" man and it seems impossible to actually achieve.

People who body shame seem to think they can tell your personality, your story, your struggles based off of one simple thing. Your looks. I find this ironic as we have all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

As much as we have all become activists about this topic, are we seeing anything done?

The media needs to stop adding in features that weren't marginally there, and stop covering those imperfections that were there to begin with. Stop trimming down the waists of super models, and making there butts bigger and more defined. Because really what are we teaching the next generation?

As a behavioral science major I see so many problems with this. The media promotes so many bad things when it comes to body shaming like, eating disorders, and depression.

Save yourselves, your friends, your family, your kids, and anyone else that feels ashamed of their own uniqe body. You're perfect in your own way and the media is wrong.

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