In a world filled with body and food shaming, body positivity can be hard. However, if we take a deeper look into where those societal ideas come from, we can deconstruct the concept and learn to appreciate ourselves in a new light.

1. What does my body allow me to do?

Help you get to class? Allow you to play sports? Digest and smell good food? Give you the opportunity to talk to friends and pet dogs? Let you laugh? Here are all kinds of cool things bodies do!

2. Who profits off of this emotion?

The answer: no one does.

3. Who's telling me that my body isn't okay as it is?

The diet pill companies that want your money and created BMI? People who don't treat you correctly or deserve you anyways? It's time for us to reclaim ourselves.

4. What is something I love about my body and what it can do?

Your hair? The muscles in your legs that allow you to rock climb? The way your eyes pop? Your flexibility? The way you and your friend share the same shoe size and can share shoes?

5. Is the way my body looks really that important?

Here's what's important: the relationships you form, the way you make others happy, the ways in which you work so hard to appreciate yourself, your passion, your laughs, and the power of your love.

Body positivity can be tough, but so are you. Remember where negativity about bodies comes from, and know that you are worthy however you are.