8 Blunt Truths For 2018 That We All Need To Come To Terms With
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Politics and Activism

8 Blunt Truths For 2018 That We All Need To Come To Terms With

It is 2018, so get over it.

8 Blunt Truths For 2018 That We All Need To Come To Terms With
Oakley Foxtrot

There is a lot of bad correlation with my generation because of the negativity people bring onto any topic they want. I found my favorite eight controversial topics that are really quite, well, stupid. People live their lives just like you live yours, so stop shaming. Stop the bullying. Stop acting like you are better because you really are not anywhere near better.

1.Menstrual cycles

Periods are actually normal. They have been for years, so why are they gross? Women do everything men can do while bleeding through their uterus. Yes, it comes with side effects. We do have mood swings, but the majority of the time men are the reason we are in bad moods. It costs money and is high maintenance, so get over periods. It is natural, guys.

2. Hair

Hair is natural whether you are a male or a female. If she does not want to shave her armpits or whatever body part, then it is okay. If a woman wants to be bald, then do not put her down. Let her rock that look!

3. Addiction

People are addicted to a lot of things, and it is not our business to judge them for how they chose to numb the pain. Some people are addicted to the guy with blue eyes while others are addicted to alcohol or music, but at one point they were so hurt that they just wanted to stop hurting. Stop judging them and start helping them.

4. Lifestyle

I am tired of hearing why I do this or why I do not like that. I will live my life as best as I can. If I mess up, then I will own up to it and learn from it. Let people learn from their own mistakes.

People will do what they want at the end of the day, but it is easier to have a support system for when you do mess up. Let there be vegans, feminists, or whatever lifestyle they choose. Stop putting people down because they want to live.

5. Music

I honestly cannot believe that I have to explain this, so I am only saying one thing on this topic. One genre is not better or worse than another; it is a matter of opinion. Do not put others down because of it. It makes you a crappy person, not them for listening to that music.

6. Sexuality

Let people love whoever or whatever they want. Into robots? Cool. You’re lesbian? Great. You have a sexual relationship with your dog? That crosses a line. However, the point is that if you do not complain about my sexuality, then I will not complain about yours. I am a straight Christian, but I do not care who others love because I cannot tell you who to love. Simple.

7. Graduation

This is important and definitely under-spoken. It is perfectly okay to not have an exact plan lied out after you graduate. If you want to live with your parents until you can get on your own two feet then that is totally okay. If you want to just dive head first into adulting, then that is totally okay. I do not understand why this is under-spoken because it is okay to choose to have help when you are a very young adult.

8. Nudes

I have seen a lot of posts about this lately, and yet guys are the ones getting the heat for this. I am a girl, but genders that send unwanted or inappropriate pictures, messages, or videos need to stop. If they do not reply after the first or 30th message, then it is likely that they are not interested. Stop trying to get attention. It makes you uglier than you already were.

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