Blueberry Crumble Recipe Simple Easy

The Best Mouth-Watering Blueberry Crumble Recipe That Will Melt Away Your Summer Boredom

Top it with cold ice cream and watch it melt on the warm crumble

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This summer has come with a lot of sun and a lot of rain. It was no surprise that the blueberries in our backyard went crazy, and as a result, we had to come up with something creative. Thankfully we stumbled upon the idea of blueberry crumble and decided to record the process.

1. Pick Fresh Bluberries

The first step is to find a fresh source of blueberries. We went outside in our backyard and picked up two bowls full of blueberries. While picking berries in the sweltering heat, we stumbled upon a smiling blueberry. A hopeful sign to our baking endeavor.

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